Key to manual types:

OPerating, SERvice, SCHematic only, ARTicle, PARTial, ADvertisement, ASSemblY, INSTructions only, DESCription, DATa, , e or es Digitally Scanned, Origional available, SPECificationS

There are two ways to order, by putting in  the exact Model Number of the manual you want into the primary web page database search box, you can find a data return with price where you can purchase.  An alternate way is to click the Icon "ORDER ON-LINE" button below and this will take you to a secure order form where you can order it manually, rather than automatically.  The choice is yours.

If a manual shows the price, a "O" and "es", it means we have an original we will sell for 150% of the digital (es) price.  A good example is a $20 manual printed or emailed from our original digital master.  If it show a "O" to the right of the price, we have an original we will sell for $ 30.00.  If there is nothing or nothing other than an "es" next to the price, this means we do not have any extra master originals that we will sell.  Where we only have one original, we will not sell that original manual as this is our security against a hard drive or computer crash.

COMPANY            MODEL         DESCRIPTION                 TYPE      PRICE
P&H                600A          CONVERTER & PR600           OP       $14.00
P&H                6 15          CONVERTER                   OP       $14.00
P&H                AFC-1&2       AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00es
PACE               CB 143        CB OWNER'S MANUAL           OP      $14.00
PACE               CB 145        CB OWNER'S MANUAL           OP      $14.00
PACE               CB 166        CB OWNER'S MANUAL           OP      $14.00
PACE               LM 152/362    VHF HANDY TALKY             SER      $20.00
PACE               SCAN 10-4     SCANNERS                    SER      $20.00
PACIFIC SOUND      6             PORT.SOUND PROJECTOR        OP/SER   $14.00
PACKARD            P-1935        AUTO RADIO OWNERS MANUAL    OP       $20.00es
PACKARD-BELL       1472	         14 TUBE RADIO-PHONOGRAPH    SER      $19.00es 
PACO               B-12          REGULATED POWER SUPPLY      ASSY/OP  $20.00es
PACO               C-20          CAPACITOR TESTER            OP       $20.00es
PACO               C-25          CAPACITOR TESTER            OP       $20.00es
PACO               DF 90         DEPTH FINDER                ASSY/OP  $20.00
PACO		   G-30	         SIGNAL GENERATOR	     OP/SER   $20.00es
PACO               G-34          SINE AND SQ WAVE GEN        ASSY/OP  $29.00
PACO               T-60W         TUBE TESTER                 OP       $20.00es
PACO               T-60          TUBE TEST DATA              DATA     $20.00es
PACO               T-61          TUBE TESTER                 ASSY/OP  $20.00
PACO               T-62W         TUBE TESTER                 OP       $20.00
PACO               V-70          VTVM                        SCH       $10.00es
PACO               Z-80          SIGNAL TRACER               ASSY/OP  $25.00
PANASONIC          CA-9500EU     CAR RADIO                   SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          CA-9600EU/EC  CAR RADIO                   SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          CJ-255ZEU     CAR AMPLIFIER               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          CJ-2600EU/EC  CAR AMPLIFIER               SER      $20.00    
PANASONIC          CJ-3000EU/EC  CAR AMPLIFIER               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          CJ-3510EU     CAR SOUND BOOSTER           SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          CJ-4000EU     CAR AMPLIFIER               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          CQ-96FGV      CAR RADIO/TAPE PLAYER       SER      $22.00
PANASONIC          CQ-506EU/EC   CAR CASSETTE PLAYER/RADIO   SER      $20.00          
PANASONIC          CX-DP60EU/EC  AUTO 6 DISC CHANGER         SER      $22.00
PANASONIC          KX-T1010      SPEAKERPHONE                SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          KX-T1030      SPEAKERPHONE                SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          KX-T2135      PHONE                       OP       $20.00
PANASONIC          KX-T3980      PHONE                       OP       $22.00 
PANASONIC          KX-TC930-B/W  2-LINE PHONE                OP       $20.00es
PANASONIC          R-1077        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          RA-6500       STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          RA-6600       STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          RA-6700       STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RA-6800       STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RA-7100       STEREO RECEIVER             SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RA-7500       STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          RA-7600       STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RA-7700       STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RC-6610       RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          RC-7119       RECEIVER                    SER      $14.00
PANASONIC          RD-2900       TURNTABLE                   SER      $24.00  
PANASONIC          RD-3100       RECORD CHANGER              SER      $14.00es
PANASONIC          RD-3600       TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RD-7506       RECORD CHANGER              SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RD-7508       RECORD CHANGER              SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RD-7526       RECORD CHANGER              SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RD-9060       STEREO POWER BOOSTER        SER      $14.00
PANASONIC          RD-9580       VHF TV SOUND CONVERTER      SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RE-7412       RECEIVER                    SER      $14.00
PANASONIC          RF-085        FM-AM 5-BAND PORTABLE RADIO SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RF-618        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RF-799        FM-LW-MW-SW 4-BAND PORTABLE SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RF-799A       FM-LW-MW-SW 4-BAND PORTABLE SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RF-1115       UHF-PSB-FM-AM 4-BAND PORT.  SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          RF-1150       FM-AM-CB 6-BAND PORTABLE    SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          RF-1170/RF-1170C UHF/PSB(HIGH LOW)/FM/AM  SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RF-2200       FM-AM-SW 8-BAND PORTABLE    SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          RF-2600       FM-AM-SW 6-BAND PORTABLE    SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC	   RF-2900	 FM-AM SW PORTABLE RCVR	     SER      $25.00es
PANASONIC          RF-3000A OR C FM-AM 6-BAND PORTABLE       SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          RF-4800       10-BAND COMMUNICATION RCVR  SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC	   RF-4900       COMMUNICATION RECEIVER      OPM      $16.00es
PANASONIC          RF-7270       CASSETTE/RADIO              SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RF-7280       CASSETTE/RADIO              SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RF-B10        AM-AM-SW RCVR               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RF-B20        AM-AM-SW RCVR               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RF-B40        AM-AM-SW RCVR               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RF-B45        AM-AM-SW RCVR               SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          RF-B50        AM-AM-SW RCVR               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RF-B60        AM-AM-SW RCVR               SER      $24.00
PANASONIC          RF-B65        AM-AM-SW RCVR               SER      $24.00es
PANASONIC	   RJ-3200       CB TRANSCEIVER              SER      $29.00es
PANASONIC          RP-966        DOLBY NOISE-REDUCTION UNIT  SER      $20.00
PANASONIC	   RQ-156S	 CASSETTE	             SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          RQ-212S       CASSETTE                    SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RQ-224S       CASSETTE                    SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RQ-438S       CASSETTE/RADIO              SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RQ-830S       8 TRACK PLAYER              SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          RQ-832DS      CASSETTE/RADIO              SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RS-270US      CASSETTE                    SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RS-765US      4 TRACK STEREO TAPE DECK    SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          RS-801US      TAPE PLAYER                 SER      $14.00
PANASONIC          RX-5180       RADIO/CASSETTE              SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          RX-DS620      RADIO/CASSETTE              SER      $32.00es
PANASONIC          RX-DS660      RADIO/CASSETTE              SER      $32.00
PANASONIC          RX-DS660      RADIO/CASSETTE         TECH.GUIDE    $32.00 
PANASONIC          SA-5500       RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          SA-CH11       STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $32.00
PANASONIC          SA-CH33       STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $32.00
PANASONIC          SA-CH55       STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $38.00
PANASONIC          SA-DH44       STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $32.00
PANASONIC          SA-DH55       STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $32.00
PANASONIC          SA-DH66       STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $32.00
PANASONIC          SA-H50        STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $24.00                
PANASONIC          SE-65         STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $24.00                
PANASONIC          SE-970        STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          SE-1519       STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $24.00
PANASONIC          SE-CH10       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          SE-D64        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          SE-P4/P4R     STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          SE-P5/P5R     STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          SE-P7         STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $24.00
PANASONIC          SE-P9         STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $24.00
PANASONIC          SE-P44        STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          SF-620/620A   TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          SF-630        TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          SG-15         STEREO CENTER               SER      $22.00
PANASONIC          SG-20         STEREO CENTER               SER      $22.00
PANASONIC          SG-40(M)      STEREO CENTER               SER      $22.00
PANASONIC          SG-123(M)     NOVELTY ORGAN/TURNTABLE     SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          SG-300        STEREO CENTER               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          SG-999        STEREO  SYSTEM              SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          SG-D10        STEREO CENTER               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          SG-D15        STEREO CENTER               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          SG-D26        STEREO CENTER               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          SG-X7         STEREO CENTER               SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          SH-253        EQUALIZER                   SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          SH-254        EQUALIZER                   SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          SL-701        TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          SL-CH7        CD PLAYER                   SER      $22.00
PANASONIC          SL-CH9        CD PLAYER                   SER      $22.00es
PANASONIC          SL-CH10       CD PLAYER                   SER      $22.00
PANASONIC          SL-DH66       CD CHANGER                  SER      $22.00
PANASONIC          SL-H50B       TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PANASONIC	   ST-CH9	 TUNER			     SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          SU-CH9        AMPLIFIER  (SEE TECHNICS)   SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          TR-003/-003C  TELEVISION                  SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          TR-005/-005C  TELEVISION                  SER      $20.00es
PANASONIC          TR-3000P      RADIO/TELEVISION            SER      $20.00
PANASONIC          WV-600P       SPECIAL EFFECTS GEN         SER      $20.00
PANORAMIC          PANADAPTOR    PCA-2 TYPE T-200            OP/SER   $20.00
PANORAMIC          SSB-4         SPECTRUM ANALYZER           OP       $24.00
PASO               T-5020        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
PEARCE-SIMPSON     GUARDIAN 23   CB                          OP       $20.00
PEARCE-SIMPSON     PS 5000       MARINE FM TRANSCEIVER       SER      $24.00
PENNEY             2236          STEREO CENTER               SER      $20.00
PENNEY             2252          STEREO CENTER               SER      $20.00
PENTAX             PC-K1500A     VIDEO CAMERA                SER      $20.00
PENTRON            NL-1/-2/-3    REEL TO REEL TAPE RECORDER  SER      $20.00
PENTRON            PR-65         REEL TO REEL TAPE RECORDER  SER      $20.00
PENTRON            TM-1          REEL TO REEL TAPE RECORDER  SER      $20.00
PENTRON            XP-60/XP-60S  REEL TO REEL TAPE RECORDER  SER      $20.00
PETERSON           HL-44         MONITOR NO SCH              OP/SER   $20.00
PHASE LINEAR       400           AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
PHASE LINEAR       700           AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
PHASE LINEAR       700 SERIES 2  AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
PHASE LINEAR       4000          PREAMPLIFIER                SER      $20.00es
PHILCO             ADJUSTING PHILCO RECEIVERS 1934 35 PGS    DATA     $20.00es
PHILCO             AUTOMATIC TUNING S.B 273 1937/38AUTO DIAL DATA     $10.00es
PHILCO             BLACK BAKELITE COND. S.B. 289             DATA      $10.00
PHILCO             D-10/10A      RECORD CHANGER'46           SER      $20.00es.
PHILCO             G4242M/L      PREDICTA SEE 9L37
PHILCO             G4654M/W      PREDICTA SEE 9L37
PHILCO             G4710M/L      PREDICTA SEE 9L37
PHILCO             G8000         VHF/UHF GEN.ADAPTER         OP/SER   $20.00
PHILCO             H2010         SAFARI, SEE 10AT10
PHILCO             H3408         PREDICTA SEE 10L41
PHILCO             H3410         PREDICTA SEE 10L41
PHILCO             H3412         PREDICTA SEE 10L41
PHILCO             H4432         PREDICTA SEE 10L41
PHILCO             H4254S/SL     PREDICTA SEE 10L41
PHILCO             H4674L/W      PREDICTA SEE 10L41
PHILCO             H4676S/SL     PREDICTA SEE 10L41
PHILCO             H4678W        PREDICTA SEE 10L41
PHILCO             H4680L/W      PREDICTA SEE 10L41
PHILCO             H4690         PREDICTA SEE 10L41
PHILCO             H4692         PREDICTA SEE 10L41
PHILCO             H4730         PREDICTA SEE 10L41
PHILCO             M-4           RECORD CHANGER'46           SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             M-7           RECORD PLAYER '46           SER      $20.00es
PHILCO             M-8           RECORD CHANGER'47           SER      $20.00oes 
PHILCO             M-9           RECORD CHANGER '48          SER      $20.00
PHILCO             M-9C          RECORD CHANGER '48          SER      $20.00
PHILCO             M-12C         RECORD CHANGER '48          SER      $20.00
PHILCO             M-15          RECORD CHANGER '48          SER      $20.00
PHILCO             M-15          RECORD CHANGER '48 INSTALLATION INST $20.00
PHILCO             M-20          RECORD CHANGER '49          SER      $20.00
PHILCO             M-22          RECORD CHANGER '50          SER      $20.00
PHILCO             M-25          RECORD CHANGER '53          SER      $20.00
PHILCO             M8100         CIRCUIT MASTER              OP/SER   $20.00
PHILCO             M8102         CIRCUIT MASTER              OP/SER   $20.00
PHILCO             P4635         PACKARD AUTO RADIO '46      SER      $20.00es 
PHILCO             PREDICTA      SEE 9L37/38 AND 10L41
PHILCO             PT-2/6        SER BUL 374                 SER       $10.00es
PHILCO             PT-12         SER BUL 376                 SER       $10.00
PHILCO             PT-25/27/39   '39 RECEIVER                OWNER'S   $10.00
PHILCO             PT-30/42/44/49/87 SER BUL 365             SER      $14.00oes
PHILCO             PT-91/92/93/94/95 SER BUL 392             SER       $10.00
PHILCO             S-4923        STUDEBAKER STARLINE RADIO   OWNERS   $14.00es
PHILCO             S-4626        STUDEBAKER AUTO RADIO '46   SER      $20.00   
PHILCO             SAFARI,H-2010 SEE 10AT10        
PHILCO             UG4654M/W     PREDICTA SEE 9L37
PHILCO             UG4710M/L     PREDICTA SEE 9L37
PHILCO             UN6-450       AUTO RADIO  '46             SER      $20.00
PHILCO             4             SER BUL. 108                SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             9L37/U        PREDICTA TV (Service 439-1) SER      $20.00es
PHILCO             9L38          PREDICTA TV (Service 441-2) SER      $20.00es
PHILCO             9L37/37U/38   PREDICTA TV                 SER      $20.00es
PHILCO             10AT10        SAFARI, MODEL H-2010        SER      $20.00es.
PHILCO             10L41/42/43   PREDICTA TV                 SER      $20.00es.
PHILCO             13            SER BUL. 172                SER       $10.00*
PHILCO             14/91         SER BUL. 129B               SER       $10.00es
PHILCO             15            SER BUL. 130                SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             16            SER BUL. 165                SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             16 125/126/127SER BUL. 205                SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             17            SER BUL. 161B               SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             17 122/121    SER BUL. 161                SER       $10.00*
PHILCO             18 124        SER BUL. 198                SER       $10.00*
PHILCO             19 128        SER BUL. 146/146A           SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             19 SERIES     RECEIVER                    INST     $14.00es                 
PHILCO             20/20A        SER BUL. 36                 SER      $16.00es
PHILCO             22/22L        SER BUL. 128A,128 (71)      SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             027           SET TESTER     (NO SCH)     INST     $14.00
PHILCO             28            SER BUL. 203                SER       $10.00*
PHILCO             29            SER BUL. 195                SER       $10.00*
PHILCO             32            SER BUL. 189                SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             34/34A        SER BUL. 188                SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             35            SER BUL. 87,88              SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             35-1231/1233/1239/1241 RECORD CHGS SB 358 SER      $20.00
PHILCO             35-1285/1286/1289 RECORD CHGRS SER BUL402 SER      $20.00es
PHILCO             37            SER BUL. 141                SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             37-9          RECEIVER S.B. 269           SER       $10.00es
PHILCO             37-10/37-11   RECEIVER S.B. 268A          SER      $14.00
PHILCO             37-33         RECEIVER                    SER       $10.00
PHILCO             37-34         SER BUL. 262                SER       $10.00
PHILCO             37-38         RECEIVER                    SER       $10.00es
PHILCO             37-60         SER BUL 245                 SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             37-61         SER BUL 246                 SER      $14.00
PHILCO             37-62         RECEIVER S.B 274            SER       $10.00
PHILCO             37-84         RECEIVER S.B 244            SER       $10.00
PHILCO             37-89         RECEIVER                    SER       $10.00es
PHILCO             37-93         SER BUL 275                 SER       $10.00 
PHILCO             37-116        RCVR S.B 258 (see auto tun) SER      $20.00es
PHILCO             37-600        RECEIVER                    SER       $10.00
PHILCO             37-602        RECEIVER S.B. 243           SER       $10.00es
PHILCO             37-610        CODES 121/122 S.B 249       SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             37-610        CODES 125/126 S.B 249B      SER       $10.00es
PHILCO             37-610        CODE 151 S.B 249A           SER       $10.00
PHILCO             37-620        RECEIVER S.B 250            SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             37-620/630    CODES 125/126  S.B251A      SER      $14.00es     
PHILCO             37-623        RECEIVER S.B 259            SER       $10.00
PHILCO             37-624        RECEIVER S.B 263            SER       $10.00
PHILCO             37-630        RECEIVER S.B 251            SER      $14.00es        
PHILCO             37-640        RECEIVER S.B.253            SER      $14.00        
PHILCO             37-643        RECEIVER                    SER      $14.00        
PHILCO             37-650        RECEIVER S.B 254            SER      $14.00es        
PHILCO             37-660        RECEIVER S.B 257            SER      $14.00es        
PHILCO             37-655        RECEIVER                    SER      $14.00        
PHILCO             37-670        RECEIVER S.B 260            SER      $14.00es        
PHILCO             37-675        RECEIVER                    SER      $14.00es        
PHILCO             37-680        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00        
PHILCO             37-690        RECEIVER S.B. 267           SER      $20.00es        
PHILCO             38/38A 123    SER BUL. 166/166A           SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             38-1          CODE 121 SER BUL 293        SER      $14.00
PHILCO             38-2          CODE 121 SER BUL 294        SER      $14.00
PHILCO             38-3          CODE 121 SER BUL 277        SER       $10.00es
PHILCO             38-4          CODE 121 SER BUL 281        SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             38-7/8/9      CODES 121/124 S.B. 280      SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             38-10         CODE 121 SER BUL 283        SER       $10.00es
PHILCO             38-12         CODE 121 SER BUL 284        SER       $10.00es
PHILCO             38-14         CODES 121 124 SER BUL 288   SER       $10.00
PHILCO             38-15         CODES 121 124 SER BUL 291   SER       $10.00
PHILCO             38-22/23      CODES 121 124 SER BUL 285   SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             38-38         CODE 121 SER BUL 290        SER       $10.00es
PHILCO             38-39         CODE 121 SER BUL 287        SER       $10.00
PHILCO             38-60         CODE 125 SER BUL 279        SER       $10.00es
PHILCO             38-89         CODE 125 SER BUL 278        SER       $10.00
PHILCO             38-116        CODE 121 SER BUL 286        SER      $14.00
PHILCO             38-116        CODE 125 SER BUL 286A       SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             38-620        CODES 121 125               SER       $10.00
PHILCO             39/39A        SER BUL. 212                SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             39-6/7        CODE 121 SER BUL 312        SER       $10.00es
PHILCO             39-17         CODES 121 122 SER BUL 300   SER       $10.00es
PHILCO             39-18         CODES 121 122 SER BUL 301   SER       $10.00
PHILCO             39-19         CODES 121 122 SER BUL 302   SER       $10.00es
PHILCO             39-25         CODE 121 SER BUL 303        SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             39-30/35      CODE 121 SER BUL 304        SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             39-36         CODE 121 SER BUL 311        SER      $12.00es
PHILCO             39-40         CODE 121 SER BUL 305        SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             39-45         CODE 121 SER BUL 306        SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             39-55/116     CODE 121 SER BUL 310/310A   SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             39-71         CODE 121 SER BUL 309        SER      $10.00
PHILCO             39-85         CODE 121 SER BUL 307        SER      $10.00
PHILCO             39-117/118/119 CODES 121 122 SER BUL 317  SER      $14.00
PHILCO             40-81/88      CODES 121 122 SER BUL 334   SER      $8,00
PHILCO             40-120/125    SER BUL 322                 SER      $10.00es
PHILCO             40-130/135    SER BUL 327                 SER      $10.00es
PHILCO             40-140/145    SER BUL 328                 SER      $10.00
PHILCO             40-150/155    SER BUL 324 (REQ S.B 323)   SER      $14.00O
PHILCO             40-158        CODE 121 SER BUL 342        SER      $10.00
PHILCO             40-160        SER BUL 325                 SER      $10.00es
PHILCO             40-165        SER BUL 326                 SER      $10.00es
PHILCO             40-180/185/190 SER BUL 323                SER      $14.00Oes
PHILCO             40-195/200    SER BUL 321                 SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             40-205/216    REMOTE CTLD SER BUL 329     SER      $14.00es               
PHILCO             40-18805 E    FORD AUTO-RADIO RECEIVER    OP       $14.00
PHILCO             41-90/95/100/105 SER BUL 356              SER      $10.00
PHILCO             41-220        SER BUL 356                 SER      $10.00
PHILCO             41-221/226    SER BUL 359                 SER      $10.00
PHILCO             41-230/235    CODE 121 SER BUL 350        SER      $10.00
PHILCO             41-231 41-RP-6 CODE 121 SER BUL 386       SER      $10.00
PHILCO             41-240/245    CODE 121 SER BUL 351        SER      $10.00es
PHILCO             41-246        CODE 121 SER BUL 381        SER      $14.00 
PHILCO             41-250/255    CODE 121 SER BUL 353        SER      $10.00
PHILCO             41-256        CODE 121 SER BUL 385        SER      $10.00
PHILCO             41-258        CODE 122 SER BUL 368        SER      $10.00
PHILCO             41-260/265    SER BUL 360                 SER      $14.00es            
PHILCO             41-280/285/287/290 CODE 121 SER BUL 352   SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             41-295/300    SER BUL 363                 SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             41-316        CODE 121  SER BUL 372       SER      $14.00
PHILCO             41-608/609    SER BUL 354(PHONO 35-1233)  SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             41-616        CODE 121 SER BUL 373        SER      $20.00
PHILCO             41-620        SER BUL 378                 SER      $10.00
PHILCO             41-629        CODE 121 SER BUL 380        SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             41-623/624/625 SER BUL 377                SER      $14.00
PHILCO             41-695/841/851 RUNS 1 AND 2 SER BUL 371   SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             41-788        CODES 121 122 SER BUL 355   SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             41-842/843/844 SER BUL 384                SER      $10.00
PHILCO             42-322        SER BUL 410                 SER      $10.00  
PHILCO             42-323/327/340/345/360/365 SER BUL 397    SER      $20.00es
PHILCO             42-350        SER BUL 406                 SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             42-355/390    SER BUL  398                SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             42-380        SER BUL 407                 SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             42-395        CODE 121                    SER      $14.00es
PHILCO		   42-760	 TROPIC - SIM TO 48-2860     SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             42-1008/1009  SER BUL 401(CHGR 35-1285)   SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             42-1010/1011  SER BUL 408(CHGR 35-1285)   SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             42-1012/1013  RMS 42     (CHGR 35-1285)   SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             42-1015       RMS 42     (CHGR 35-1289)   SER      $14.00
PHILCO             42-1016       RMS 42     (CHGR 35-1286)   SER      $20.00
PHILCO             44            SER BUL. 176                SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             45            SER BUL. 191                SER      $10.00*
PHILCO             46-131        '46 RADIO                   SER      $20.00o 
PHILCO             46-132        '46 RADIO                   SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             46-142        '46 RADIO                   SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             46-200/-I/201/202/203 '46 RADIO           SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             46-250/-I/251 '46 RADIO                   SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             46-350        '46 RADIO                   SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             46-420/420-1  '46 RADIO                   SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             46-421/421-1  '46 RADIO                   SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             46-427        '46 RADIO                   SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             46-431        '46 RADIO                   SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             46-451        '46 RADIO                   SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             46-480        '46 RADIO                   SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             46-888        '46 RADIO                   SER      $20.00
PHILCO             46-1201       RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-7        SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             46-1203       RADIO-PHONO RCD CHGR D-10   SER      $20.00Ooes
PHILCO             46-1209       RADIO-PHONO RCD CHGR D-10   SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             46-1209       RADIO-PHONO (Service)       SER      $14.00
PHILCO             46-1213       RADIO-PHONO RCD CHGR M-4    SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             46-1226       RADIO-PHONO RCD CHGR D-10   SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             47            SER BUL. 131                SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             47-204/-205   '47 RECEIVER                SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             47-1227       RADIO-PHONO RCD CHGR D-10   SER      $20.00es 
PHILCO             47-1230       RADIO-PHONO                 INST     $20.00es
PHILCO             47-1230       RADIO-PHONO RCD CHGR D-10   SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             48-141/-145   RADIO                       SER      $20.00o  
PHILCO             48-150        RADIO                       SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             48-200/-I/206/214 RADIO                   SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             48-250/250-I  RADIO                       SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             48-300        RADIO                       SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             48-360        BATTERY RADIO               SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             48-460/-460-I RADIO                       SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             48-461        RADIO                       SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             48-464        RADIO                       SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             48-472/-472-I RADIO                       SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             48-472        RADIO (CODE 122)            SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             48-475        RADIO                       SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             48-482        AM/FM RECEIVER 1948         SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             48-485        RADIO                       SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             48-700        TV RECEIVER                 INST/SER $24.00+
PHILCO             48-1000       TV RECEIVER (FIRST EDITION) INST/SER $27.00es
PHILCO             48-1000       TV RECEIVER                 INST     $20.00
PHILCO             48-1000/1000-5/1050/1050-5 CODE 122
                                 TV RECEIVERS                INST/SER $24.00
PHILCO             48-1001       SUPPLEMENT T0 48-1000 (122) SER      $20.00
PHILCO             48-1200       RECORD PLAYER CHGR M-7S     SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             48-1201/-1260 RECORD PLAYER CHGR M-7      SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             48-1253       RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-8        SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             48-1256       RADIO-PHONO CHGR D-10       SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             48-1262/82/83 RADIO-PHONO CHGR D-10/M8    SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             48-1263       RADIO-PHONO CHGR D-10       SER      $20.00o 
PHILCO             48-1264       RADIO-PHONO CHGR D-10       SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             48-1266       RADIO-PHONO CHGR D-10       SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             48-1270       RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-4        SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             48-1274/-1276 RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-4        SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             48-1283       RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-8 (See 48-1263)
PHILCO             48-1284       RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-8        SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             48-1286       RADIO-PHONO CHGR D-10       SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             48-1290       RADIO-PHONO CHGR D-10       SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             48-2500       PROJECTION TV (INC IMPROV.) INST/SER $32.00 
PHILCO             49            SER BUL. 199                SER       $10.000o
PHILCO             49-100        '49 RECEIVER                SER      $14.00
PHILCO             49-101        '49 RECEIVER                SER      $14.00
PHILCO             49-500/500-I  '49 RECEIVER                SER      $14.00
PHILCO             49-501/501-I  '49 RECEIVER                SER      $14.00
PHILCO             49-503        '49 RECEIVER                SER      $14.00
PHILCO             49-504/504-I  '49 RECEIVER                SER      $14.00
PHILCO             49-505        '49 RECEIVER                SER      $14.00
PHILCO             49-506        '49 RECEIVER  (See 49-500)  
PHILCO             49-601        '49 RECEIVER                SER      $14.00
PHILCO             49-602        '49 RECEIVER                SER      $14.00
PHILCO             49-603        '49 RECEIVER                SER      $14.00
PHILCO             49-900-E/I    '49 RECEIVER                SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             49-901        '49 RECEIVER                SER      $14.00
PHILCO             49-904        '49 RECEIVER                SER      $14.00oes
PHILCO             49-905        '49 RECEIVER                SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             49-906        '49 RECEIVER                SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             49-909        '49 RECEIVER                SER      $20.00es
PHILCO             49-1002       '49 TV RECEIVER             SER      $28.00es
PHILCO             49-1075/1240/1275 ,49 TV RECEIVERS        SER      $28.00es
PHILCO             49-1076/1278  '49 TV RECEIVERS            SER      $28.00es
PHILCO             49-1100       '49 RECEIVER                SER      $14.00o
PHILCO             49-1101       '49 RECEIVER (See 49-909)
PHILCO             49-1240       '49 TV RECEIVERS            SER      $28.00es
PHILCO             49-1401       RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-7        SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             49-1405       RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-9C       SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             49-1600/1601  RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-9        SER      $20.00
PHILCO             49-1602/1604  RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-9        SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             49-1603/1605  RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-9C  (See 49-1602)
PHILCO             49-1606       RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-9        SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             49-1609/1611  RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-9C  (See 49-1606)       
PHILCO             49-1613       RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-12C      SER      $24.00o
PHILCO             49-1615       RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-12C      SER      $24.00o	
PHILCO             50/50A        SER BUL. 86                 SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             50-520        '50 RECEIVER                SER      $14.00o
PHILCO             50-522/522-I/524 '50 RECEIVER             SER      $14.00oes
PHILCO             50-526        '50 RECEIVER  (REQ 50-522)  SER      $14.00oes
PHILCO             50-527/527-I  CLOCK RADIO                 SER      $14.00o
PHILCO             50-620         '50 AC/BATTERY RECEIVER    SER      $14.00o
PHILCO             50-621         '50 BATTERY RECEIVER       SER      $14.00o
PHILCO             50-920/921/922 '50 RECEIVER               SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             50-923        '50 RECEIVER (CODE 123)     SER      $14.00
PHILCO             50-925        '50 RECEIVER                SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             50-925        '50 RECEIVER (CODE 123)     SER      $14.00o
PHILCO             50-926        '50 RECEIVER (see 50-923)                        
PHILCO             50-1420       RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-9C       SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             50-1421       RADIO PHONO CHGR M-20 (See 50-526)   
PHILCO             50-1422       RADIO PHONO CHGR M-20 (See 50-526)   
PHILCO             50-1423       RADIO PHONO CHGR M-20 (See 50-526)   
PHILCO             50-1424       RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-20       SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             50-1718/1719  RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-20       SER      $20.00o
PHILCO             50-1720       RADIO PHONO CHGR M-20 (See 50-526)
PHILCO             50-1721/1723/1724 RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-20   SER      $20.00es
PHILCO             50-1724       RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-20       SER      $20.00
PHILCO             50-1725       RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-9C       SER      $20.00oes
PHILCO             50-1726       RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-20       SER      $20.00oes 
PHILCO             50-1727       RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-20       SER      $20.00o 
PHILCO             51/51A        SER BUL. 114/114A           SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             51-530/532/534 '51 RADIO                  SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             51-537/537-I  '51 CLOCK RADIO             SER      $14.00o
PHILCO             51-629        '51 AC/BATTERY RADIO        SER      $14.00o
PHILCO             51-631        '51 AC/BATTERY RADIO        SER      $14.00
PHILCO             51-632        '51 AC/BATTERY RADIO (See 51-629)        
PHILCO             51-930/931/932 '51 RADIO                  SER      $14.00o
PHILCO             51-934        '51 RADIO                   SER      $14.00
PHILCO             51-1330       '51 RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-22   SER      $20.00
PHILCO             51-1730/1730-L '51 RADIO-PHONO w CHGR M-22SER      $20.00es
PHILCO             51-1731/1732  '51 RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-22   SER      $20.00
PHILCO             51-1733/1733-L/1734 '51 RADIO-PHONO CHGR M-20 SER  $24.00
PHILCO             52-544/544-I/544-W '52 CLOCK RADIO        SER      $14.00
PHILCO             52-548         '52 RADIO                  SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             52-640/641     '52 BATTERY RADIO          SER      $14.00
PHILCO             52-643         '52 AC/BATTERY RADIO       SER      $14.00
PHILCO             52-940/941/942 '52 RADIO                  SER      $14.00
PHILCO             52-944        '52 RADIO                   SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             52-1340  RADIO-PHONO(CODES 121/122)CHGR M-22 SER   $20.00 
PHILCO             53            SER BUL. 149                SER      $10.00*
PHILCO             54            SER BUL. 158/158A           SER      $14.00*es
PHILCO             59            SER BUL. 192                SER      $10.00*
PHILCO             60            SER BUL. 164/164A           SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             65 and 87     RECEIVERS 36PGS             SER      $20.00es
PHILCO             066           TUBE TESTER                 OP/DATA  $20.00
PHILCO             66            SER BUL. 197                SER      $10.00*
PHILCO             70/70A        SER BUL. 57/57A/62/71A/79
                                      83/84                  SER      $20.00es
PHILCO             71            SER BUL. 128 (22L)          SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             77/77A        SER BUL. 13                 SER      $14.00oes
PHILCO             077           SIGNAL GENERATOR            SCH      $10.00es
PHILCO             80            SER BUL. 140                SER      $14.00es*
PHILCO             81            SER BUL. 154                SER      $10.00es
PHILCO             82 and 86     RECEIVERS 16PGS             SER      $20.00es
PHILCO             84            SER BUL. 178                SER      $10.00oes
PHILCO             89            SER BUL. 146/146B           SER      $14.00*es
PHILCO             90/90A        SER BUL. 56/61/63A/68A/70A
                                  79/85/85A                  SER      $20.00
PHILCO             91            SER BUL. 129/129B           SER      $14.00*es
PHILCO             96/96A        SER BUL. 14                 SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             111           SER BUL. 46                 SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             112/112A      SER BUL. 54/60/64A/101      SER      $20.00es
PHILCO             116/116B 121  SER BUL. 222                SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             116X 122      SER BUL. 222A               SER      $10.00*
PHILCO             118           SER BUL. 194                SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             144           SER BUL. 193                SER      $14.00oes
PHILCO             200           SER BUL. 201                SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             212           SER BUL. 55/69/77/79/89/93  SER      $20.00*
PHILCO             220/220A      SER BUL. 47/89              SER      $10.00*
PHILCO             270/270A      SER BUL. 58/72/83/89/93     SER      $20.00*
PHILCO             470/470A      SER BUL. 116                SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             490           SER BUL. 115                SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             600           SER BUL. 236                SER      $10.00*
PHILCO             602           SER BUL. 237                SER      $10.00*
PHILCO             610           SER BUL. 217/217B           SER      $14.00*es
PHILCO             611           SER BUL. 224                SER      $14.00*es
PHILCO             620           SER BUL. 218/218A           SER      $14.00*es
PHILCO             623           SER BUL. 225                SER      $14.00*es
PHILCO             624           BATTERY RCVR                SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             625           SER BUL. 238                SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             630           SER BUL. 219/219B           SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             635           SER BUL. 239                SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             640           SER BUL. 221                SER      $14.00*es
PHILCO             643           SER BUL. 226                SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             650           SER BUL. 220                SER      $14.00es
PHILCO             655           SER BUL. 235                SER      $14.00
PHILCO             660           SER BUL. 223                SER      $14.00*es
PHILCO             665           SER BUL. 240                SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             680           SER BUL. 228                SER      $14.00*
PHILCO             816           AUTO RADIO  '39             OP       $14.00 
PHILCO             901/902       SER BUL  276                SER       $10.00
PHILCO             920           AUTO-RADIO COMPACT          OP       $14.00  
PHILCO             7001          VTVM                        OP/SER   $20.00es
PHILCO             7008          GENERATOR/SCOPE             OP/SER   $20.00es
PHILCO             7019          OSCILLOSCOPE                OP       $20.00es
PHILCO             7020          OSCIL. APPLICATIONS         OP       $20.00
PHILCO             7030          SIGNAL TRACER               OP/SER   $20.00es
PHILCO             7050          TUBE TESTER                 OP/DATA  $20.00es
PHILCO             7051          TUBE TESTER                 OP/DATA  $20.00es
PHILCO             7070          SIGNAL GENERATOR            OP       $20.00
PHILCO             7170          SIGNAL GENERATOR            OP       $20.00
PHILCO             9100          SUPLIMENTARY TUBE TEST DATA DATA     $20.00es
PHILIPS            AF777         TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
PHILIPS            22AF677-44    TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AF685-44    TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AF729-44B   TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AF829-44    TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AF867-44    TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AF877       TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
PHILIPS            22AF887-44    TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AF977-44    TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
PHILIPS            22AH080-44    PROGRAMABLE TIMER           SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AH180-44    DIGITAL TUNER               SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AH185-44    AM FM TUNER                 SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AH280-44    PREAMPLIFIER                SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AH384-44    AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
PHILIPS            22AH386/3861  AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AH388/3881  AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AH572/571-44PREAMPLIFIER                SER      $20.00es
PHILIPS            22AH578/5781  AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
PHILIPS            22AH673-44    TUNER                       SER      $20.00es
PHILIPS            22AH784-44    RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AH785-44    RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AH786-44    RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AH787-44/787STEREO RECEVER              SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AH794/7941  STEREO RECEIVER             SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AH795/7951  STEREO RECEIVER             SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22AH796/7961  STEREO RECEIVER             SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            22RH541-44    POWER SPEAKER               SER      $20.00es
PHILIPS            22RH544       POWER SPEAKER               SER      $20.00es
PHILIPS            22RH545-00R/16POWER SPEAKER               SER      $20.00es
PHILIPS            22RH567       POWER SPEAKER               SER      $20.00es
PHILIPS		   B3X95U/00C	 RECEIVER	             SER      $30.00es
PHILIPS            B4640A-54     RADIO                       SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            EL-3582       DICTOPHONE                  OP       $20.00
PHILIPS            F7213/44      TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            GA209         TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            GA212         TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
PHILIPS            GA222         TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
PHILIPS            GA312         TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
PHILIPS            GA406         TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            GA427         TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            GA437         TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            GM2890        PATTERN GENERATOR           SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            LABORATORIES  20 WATT RECEIVER            OP       $20.00
PHILIPS            LBB 1001/1002 AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            LBB 1020      PREAMPLIFIER                SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            N5171/44      CASSETTE TAPE RECORDER      SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            N5371         CASSETTE TAPE RECORDER      SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            N5391/44      CASSETTE TAPE RECORDER      SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            N5631/44      CASSETTE TAPE RECORDER      SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            N5781         CASSETTE TAPE RECORDER      SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            N5788         CASSETTE TAPE RECORDER      SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            N2535-44/54   CASSETTE TAPE RECORDER      SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            PM2410/2411   MULTIMETER                  SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            PM2410/2411   MULTIMETER                  OP       $14.00
PHILIPS		   PM2436	 DC MICROVOLTMETER	     OP/SER   $29.00es
PHILIPS            PM3267        OSCILLOSCOPE                INST     $20.00es
PHILIPS            PM3267        OSCILLOSCOPE                SER      $60.00es
PHILIPS            PM9246/02     PROBES                      OP       $14.00
PHILIPS            RH532         FEEDBACK SPEAKER SYSTEM     SER      $20.00es
PHILIPS            RH544         FEEDBACK SPKR SYSTEM see 22RH544    
PHILIPS            RH567         FEEDBACK SPEAKER SYSTEM     SER      $20.00
PHILIPS            XMN-4         RECORDER                    SER      $14.00            
PHILMORE           PA-230        AMPLIFIER                   OP        $10.00
PHILMORE           PN301D        VOM                         OP        $10.00
PHILMORE           TC-11/TC-612  CB TRANSCEIVER              INST/SER $20.00                 
PIERSON-HOLT       KE93          RECEIVER                    DATA      $10.00
PILOT              250AMP        CONSTRUCTION 5PGS(GHIRARDI) ASSY     $14.00
PILOT              1252          RADIO                       SER       $10.00
PILOT              6020/6030/6040/6070/MC-40 STEREO (CH 123013) SER   $14.00
PILOT              AF-723/AF-723U TUNER                      OP/SER   $20.00 
PILOT              FM-530        PILOTUNER                   OP/SER   $20.00
PILOT              H-1250 SERIES RECEIVER                    SCH/OWN   $10.00
PILOT              P15/30        STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $20.00
PILOT              MC-40         STEREO SYSTEM (See 6020)
PILOT              PMC-4000      QUADROPHONIC TUNER          SER      $20.00o
PILOT              PMP-1000      STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $20.00
PILOT              PTD-100/100A  CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00es
PILOT              SUPER WASP    HERTZBERG-RADIO NEWS 6/29   OP/SER   $14.00es
PILOT              SUPER WASP    CONSTRUCTION 12 PGS (KRUSE) ASSY     $14.00es
PILOT              UNIVERSAL SUPER WASP HERTZBERG            ASSY     $14.00es
PILOT              K-106         CONSTRUCTION 7 PGS(GELOSO)  ASSY     $14.00
PILOT              T-48          RECEIVER                    OP       $14.00
PILOT              T-601         TUNER                       OP/SER   $14.00es
PILOT              TV-37         TV SET (Service)               SER      $14.00es
PIERCE		   55B		 WIRE RECORDER 		     OP/SER   $30.00es
PIONEER            AX-330        AM RECEIVER                 SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            C-21          PREAMPLIFIER                SER      $22.00es
PIONEER            C-2000/S-450  STEREO SYSTEM               SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            C-3500/S-4600 STEREO SYSTEM               SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            C-4500/A      STEREO SYSTEM               SCH       $10.00
PIONEER            C-4600        STEREO SYSTEM               SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            C-5600 FV     STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $22.00
PIONEER            C-5600 F /FSA STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $22.00
PIONEER            C-5600        STEREO SYSTEM               OP       $14.00
PIONEER            C-5600A       STEREO SYSTEM               OP       $14.00
PIONEER            C-6000A       STEREO SYSTEM               OP       $20.00
PIONEER            C-6000        STEREO SYSTEM               SCH      $20.00
PIONEER            CD-606        BALANCER                    SER      $20.00
PIONEER            CDX-FM61      CD PLAYER ELECTRICAL        SER      $24.00es(7.3mb)
PIONEER            CDX-FM121     MULTI CD PLAYER ELECTRICAL  SER      $24.00
PIONEER            CDX-M6        CD PLAYER DIAGRAMS ONLY     SER      $20.00
PIONEER            CDX-M12       CD PLAYER DIAGRAMS ONLY     SER      $20.00
PIONEER            CDX-P600/606  CD PLAYER                   SER      $24.00      
PIONEER            CLD-900       LASER DISK PLAYER           SER      $36.00es
PIONEER            CS-15/22A/30  SPEAKERS                    SER      $20.00
PIONEER            CS-40/50/60   SPEAKERS                    SER      $20.00
PIONEER            CS-44G        SPEAKER                     SER      $14.00
PIONEER            CS-66A        SPEAKER                     SER      $14.00
PIONEER            CS-99A/A770   SPEAKERS                    SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            CS-301/701/801/901 SPEAKERS               SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            CS-400A       SPEAKER                     SER      $14.00
PIONEER            CS-500G       SPEAKER                     SER      $14.00
PIONEER            CS-511/711    SPEAKERS                    SER      $14.00
PIONEER            CS-700G       SPEAKER                     SER      $14.00
PIONEER            CS-701A/801A/901A SPEAKERS                SER      $20.00
PIONEER            CS-811/911    SPEAKERS                    SER      $14.00es
PIONEER            CS-E350/E400/E600 SPEAKERS                SER      $20.00
PIONEER            CS-E500.E700/E900 SPEAKERS                SER      $20.00
PIONEER            CS-F51        SPEAKER                     SER      $14.00
PIONEER            CS-R100       SPEAKER                     SER      $14.00
PIONEER            CS-T61        SPEAKER                     SER      $14.00       		 
PIONEER            CT-6R         TAPE DECK                   INST     $20.00
PIONEER            CT-6R         TAPE DECK                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            CT-9R         TAPE DECK                   INST/SCH $20.00es
PIONEER            CT-3131A      TAPE DECK                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            CT-4141/3131  TAPE DECK                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            CT-4141E      TAPE DECK                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            CT-4141A      TAPE DECK                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            CT-5151       TAPE DECK                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            CT-5151       TAPE DECK                   OP       $20.00
PIONEER            CT-F500/505   CASSETTE TAPE DECK          SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            CT-F1250      CASSETTE DECK               INST     $20.00es(1.5mb)
PIONEER            CT-F2121      TAPE DECK                   SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            CT-F2121      TAPE DECK                   OP       $20.00
PIONEER            CT-F4242      CASSETTE DECK               SER      $24.00es(8.8mb)
PIONEER            CT-F6161      TAPE DECK                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            CT-F6262/F6060TAPE DECK                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            CT-F7070      CASSETTE DECK               SER      $24.00
PIONEER            CT-F7171      TAPE DECK                   SER      $24.00o
PIONEER            CT-F7272/7070 TAPE DECK                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            CT-F8282/8080 TAPE DECK                   SER      $32.00es
PIONEER            CT-F9191      TAPE DECK                   SCH      $14.00es
PIONEER            CX-146        CASSETTE MECH               SER      $20.00
PIONEER            CX-147        CASSETTE MECH               SER      $20.00
PIONEER            CX-166        CASSETTE MECH               SER      $20.00
PIONEER            CX-197        CASSETTE MECH               SER      $20.00
PIONEER            CX-612/613    CD MECHANISM FOR CDX-M12/M16SER      $20.00
PIONEER            D-23          ELECTRONIC CROSSOVER        SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            DC-X10/X11Z   CASSETTE/AMPLIFIER          SER      $24.00
PIONEER            DEH-45        CAR STEREO                  SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            DEH-203       CAR STEREO                  SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            DEH-205       CAR STEREO                  SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            DEH-303       CAR STEREO                  SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            DEH-305       CAR STEREO                  SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            DEH-405       CAR STEREO                  SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            DEH-503       CAR STEREO                  SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            DEH-505       CAR STEREO                  SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            DEH-P65       CAR STEREO                  SER      $24.00
PIONEER            DEH-P603      CAR STEREO                  SER      $24.00
PIONEER            DEH-P703      CAR STEREO                  SER      $24.00
PIONEER            DEH-P705      CAR STEREO                  SER      $24.00
PIONEER            DEH-P705RDS   CAR STEREO                  SER      $24.00
PIONEER            E-1000A/H     STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $22.00
PIONEER            ER-420        RECEIVER (WITH SCH)         OP       $20.00es
PIONEER            ES-2000       STEREO SYSTEM               SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            EXCLUSIVE M3  AMPLIFIER                   SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            EXCLUSIVE C3  AMPLIFIER                   SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            FD-3          STEREO SYSTEM               SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            FX-330        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
PIONEER            GM-12         AUTO AMP                    SER      $20.00
PIONEER            GX-1500       AUTO RCVR                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            GX-2020       AUTO RCVR                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            GX-4040       AUTO RCVR                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            H-60          8 TRACK                     SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            H-601         8 TRACK                     SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            IS-31         STEREO SYSTEM               SCH      $20.00
PIONEER            IS-70         STEREO SYSTEM               SCH       $10.00
PIONEER            IS-80         STEREO SYSTEM               SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            JA-R1A/R101   RACK                        SER      $14.00
PIONEER            KE-2000       AUTO RCVR                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            KE-3000       AUTO RCVR                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            KE-5000       AUTO RCVR                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            KEH-M550/M7200RECEIVER DIAGRAMS ONLY      SER      $20.00
PIONEER            KEH-P4000/4005AUTO STEREO                 SER      $24.00
PIONEER            KP-66G        AUTO STEREO                 SER      $20.00
PIONEER            KP-212        AUTO STEREO                 SER      $20.00
PIONEER            KP-250        AUTO STEREO                 SER      $20.00
PIONEER            KP-292        AUTO STEREO                 SER      $20.00    
PIONEER            KP-300        AUTO STEREO                 SER      $20.00
PIONEER            KP-301        AUTO STEREO                 SER      $20.00
PIONEER            KP-333E       AUTO STEREO AMP             SER      $20.00
PIONEER            KP-345E       AUTO STEREO                 SER      $20.00
PIONEER            KP-500/TP-900 AUTO STEREO                 SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            KP-500        AUTO STEREO                 INST     $20.00es
PIONEER            KP-4000       AUTO STEREO                 SER      $20.00
PIONEER            KP-5005       AUTO STEREO                 SER      $24.00
PIONEER            KP-8000/8005  AUTO STEREO                 SER      $24.00           
PIONEER            KPH-9000      AUTO STEREO                 SER      $24.00
PIONEER            KPX-600       AUTO STEREO                 SER      $20.00
PIONEER            KPX-9500      AUTO STEREO                 SER      $20.00         
PIONEER            KT-201 &301 &4PORT CASSETTE               SER      $20.00
PIONEER            KX-303        RECEIVER                    SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            KX-330        RECEIVER                    SER      $14.00
PIONEER            KX-333        RECEIVER                    SER      $14.00
PIONEER            KX-404        RECEIVER                    SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            KX-440        RECEIVER                    SER      $14.00
PIONEER            KX-444        RECEIVER                    SER      $14.00
PIONEER            KX-500        CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
PIONEER            KX-505        RECEIVER                    SCH      $14.00es
PIONEER            KX-510        RECEIVER                    SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            KX-550        RECEIVER                    SER      $14.00
PIONEER            KX-550/505/TAPCASSETTE DECK               PART SER $20.00
PIONEER            KX-555        RECEIVER                    SER      $14.00
PIONEER            KX-650/605    CASSETTE DECK               PART SER $20.00
PIONEER            KX-1030/1003  CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
PIONEER            LX-34B        RECEIVER                    INST/SER $20.00es
PIONEER            LX-300T       RECEIVER                    SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            LX-400        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
PIONEER            LX-420A       RECEIVER                    SCH      $14.00es
PIONEER            LX-424        RECEIVER                    SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            LX-434        RECEIVER                    SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            LX-440A       RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
PIONEER            LX-626        RECEIVER                    SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            LX-800        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
PIONEER            M-22          AMPLIFIER                   SER      $22.00es
PIONEER            MA-62         MIXER-AMP                   SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            MA-62A        MIXER-AMP                   SER      $22.00es(3.7mb)
PIONEER            MODEL 300     RECEIVER                    SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            P-DX700       CD PLAYER                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            PD-M6         CD PLAYER                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            PD-M40/M-50   CD PLAYER                   SER      $32.00es(6.5mb)
PIONEER            PD-M60        CD PLAYER                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            PD-M70        CD PLAYER                   SER      $38.00
PIONEER            PD-M400/M-500 CD PLAYER                   SER      $24.00.
PIONEER            PL-5/420      TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            PL-7/720      TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            PL-10         TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            PL-11         TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            PL-11A/F      TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            PL-12/AC/M/PV TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            PL-12A/PV     TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            PL-12D-II/KUT/KCT TURNTABLE               SER      $20.00
PIONEER            PL-12E/PV     TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            PL-15D        TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            PL-15         TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            PL-15D        TURNTABLE                   OP       $20.00
PIONEER            PL-25/F       TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            PL-30/F       TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            PL-41/41A/F   TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es(.4mb)
PIONEER            PL-41/PU-41B  TURNTABLE                   OP       $20.00es(1.7mb)
PIONEER            PL-41D        TURNTABLE                   OP       $20.00
PIONEER            PL-50A        TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            PL-50         TURNTABLE                   INST     $20.00es
PIONEER            PL-50         TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            PL-51         TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            PL-51A        TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            PL-55X/DX     TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            PL-61         TURNTABLE                   SER      $22.00es
PIONEER            PL-71         TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00Oes(.6mb)
PIONEER            PL-112D       TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            PL-115D       TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            PL-117D       TURNTABLE                   SER      $24.00es(4.3mb)
PIONEER            PL-210AZ      TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00  
PIONEER            PL-510/510S   TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            PL-530        TURNTABLE                   SER      $24.00es(5.0mb)
PIONEER            PL-512        TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            PL-550        TURNTABLE                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            PL-570        TURNTABLE                   SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            PL-590/333/333-5 TURNTABLE                SER      $20.00
PIONEER            PL-A25        TURNTABLE                   INST     $20.00
PIONEER            PL-A35        TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            PL-A45D       TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            PL-A45D       TURNTABLE                   INST     $20.00es
PIONEER            PL-A45        TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            PL-A505       TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            PRELUDE 4000 /STEREO SYSTEM               SCH      $20.00
PIONEER            QA-800A       QUAD AMP                    SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            QA/QC/QM-800  QUAD SYSTEM                 SER      $24.00
PIONEER            QC-800A       QUAD AMP                    SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            QD-210        QUAD DECODER                SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            QD-240        QUAD DECODER                SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            QL-600A       QUAD DECODER                SCH      $14.00es
PIONEER            QL-600        QUAD AMPLIFIER              SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            QM-800A       QUAD AMP                    SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            QP-400        CAR STEREO SYSTEM           SER      $20.00
PIONEER            QP-424        CAR STEREO                  SER      $20.00 
PIONEER            QT-74         QUAD TAPE DECK              SER      $24.00
PIONEER            QX-646        QUAD RECEIVER               SER      $28.00es(7.6mb)
PIONEER            QX-747        QUAD RECEIVER               SER      $32.00es
PIONEER            QX-747A       QUAD RECEIVER               SER      $32.00
PIONEER            QX-949        QUAD RECEIVER               OP/SER   $28.00Oes(6.5mb)
PIONEER            QX-949A       QUAD RECEIVER               OP/SER   $32.00es(19.4mb)
PIONEER            QX-4000       QUAD RECEIVER               SCH      $16.00
PIONEER            QX-8000       QUAD RECEIVER               SER      $24.00es(4.1mb)
PIONEER            QX-8000A      QUAD RECEIVER               SCH      $20.00es
PIONEER            QX-9900       QUAD RECEIVER               SCH      $20.00es
PIONEER            RG-1          DYNAMIC PROCESSOR           SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            RONDO 3000    STEREO SYSTEM               SCH      $20.00
PIONEER            RT-701        TAPE DECK                   SER      $32.00es
PIONEER            RT-701/707    TAPE DECK SUPPLEMENT        SER      $32.00es(10mb)
PIONEER            RT-707        TAPE DECK                   SER      $32.00es(15.2mb)
PIONEER            RT-909        TAPE DECK                   INST/SCH $22.00es 1.7mb
PIONEER            RT-1011L      TAPE DECK                   SER      $24.00es(4.4mb)
PIONEER            RT-1020L      TAPE DECK                   SER      $24.00es(5.8mb)
PIONEER            RT-1050       TAPE DECK                   SER      $24.00Oes
PIONEER            RT-2020/2044  TAPE DECK                   SER      $32.00
PIONEER            RX-30         CASSETTE RECEIVER           SER      $24.00
PIONEER            RX-722/522    CASS./TAPE RECEIVER         SER      $24.00
PIONEER            RX-1180/1190/1181 CASS./TAPE RECEIVER     SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            RX-1191/1182/1192 CASS./TAPE RECEIVER     SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            S-5100        STEREO SYSTEM               SCH      $20.00
PIONEER            SA-500        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SA-600        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            SA-700        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SA-800        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SA-900        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            SA-1270       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SA-5200       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            SA-5200       AMPLIFIER                   SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            SA-5300       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SA-5500II     AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SA-6200       AMPLIFIER                   SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            SA-6500       AMPLIFIER                   OP       $20.00
PIONEER            SA-6500       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SA-6500II     AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SA-7100       AMPLIFIER                   SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            SA-7500II     AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SA-7500       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SA-8100       AMPLIFIER                   SCH      $14.00es
PIONEER            SA-8500       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00oes
PIONEER            SA-8500II     AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00oes
PIONEER            SA-9000       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SA-9100       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00es(4.0mb)
PIONEER            SA-9500       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SA-9500II     AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SA-9900       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SC-100        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            SC-700        PREAMPLIFIER                OP       $14.00
PIONEER            SC-3000       PREAMPLIFIER                SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            SD-1000       STEREO DISPLAY              SER      $20.00
PIONEER            SD-1100       DISPLAY                     SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            SE-L201/L401  EARPHONES                   OP       $14.00
PIONEER            SE-255        EARPHONES                   OP       $14.00
PIONEER            SF-700        ELECTRONIC CROSSOVER        OP/SER   $20.00es(1.7mb)
PIONEER            SF-850        ELECTRONIC CROSSOVER        SCH      $14.00es
PIONEER            SG-9500       EQUALIZER                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            SG-9500       EQUALIZER                   INST     $20.00
PIONEER            SM-100        AMPLIFIER                   OP       $20.00
PIONEER            SM-B161       RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            SM-B200A      RECEIVER                    OP/SCH   $20.00es
PIONEER            SM-B200       RECEIVER                    OP       $20.00es
PIONEER            SM-G205       RECEIVER                    OP       $20.00es
PIONEER            SM-Q300       RECEIVER                    OP       $20.00es
PIONEER            SM-Q305       RECEIVER                    OP       $20.00
PIONEER            SM-700        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            SM-801        AMPLIFIER                   OP       $20.00
PIONEER            SM-3000       AMPLIFIER                   SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            SOUND PROJ. 30RECEIVER                    SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            SPEC-1        PREAMPLIFIER                SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SPEC-2        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SPEC-4        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SR-202        REVERB.                     OP       $20.00es
PIONEER            SR-202W       REVERB                      SER      $20.00
PIONEER            SX-4          RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00
PIONEER			   SX-5			 RECEIVER					 INST	  $20.00es
PIONEER            SX-5          RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SX-6          RECEIVER                    INST     $20.00es
PIONEER            SX-6          RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SX-34B        RECEIVER                    SCH      $14.00es
PIONEER            SX-82         RECEIVER                    OP/SCH   $20.00es
PIONEER            SX-300/D/W    RECEIVER                    SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            SX-300T       RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00
PIONEER            SX-330        RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SX-410        RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SX-424        RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SX-434        RECEIVER                    OP       $20.00es(.8mb)
PIONEER            SX-434        RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es(3.0mb)
PIONEER            SX-440        RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SX-450        RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SX-510T       RECEIVER                    SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            SX-525        RECEIVER                    OP       $20.00
PIONEER            SX-525        RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SX-535        RECEIVER                    SER      $32.00es(19.3mb)
PIONEER            SX-550        RECEIVER                    SER      $32.00es((12.7mb)
PIONEER            SX-600T       RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SX-626        RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SX-636        RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SX-650        RECEIVER                    SER      $32.00oes(16.smb)
PIONEER            SX-680        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $24.00
PIONEER            SX-700T       RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00oes
PIONEER            SX-720        RECEIVER (SEE SX-3600)
PIONEER            SX-727        RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SX-727        RECEIVER                    INST     $20.00es
PIONEER            SX-737        RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SX-750        RECEIVER                    SER      $28.00es(9.7mb)
PIONEER            SX-750        RECEIVER                    OP       $20.00es(1.2mb)
PIONEER            SX-770        RECEIVER SVC DATA ONLY      SER      $20.00
PIONEER            SX-780        RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es(3.4mb)
PIONEER            SX-800        RECEIVER                    SCH      $14.00es
PIONEER            SX-800A       RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SX-820        SEE SX-3700
PIONEER            SX-828        RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es(3.5mb)
PIONEER            SX-838        RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00Oes(5.7mb)
PIONEER            SX-850        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $38.00Oes(20.2mb)
PIONEER            SX-890        RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SX-939        RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            SX-950        RECEIVER                    SER      $38.00es(18.6mb)
PIONEER            SX-990        RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00oes(3.1mb)
PIONEER            SX-1000T      RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SX-1000TD     RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SX-1000TW     RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es(2.5mb)
PIONEER            SX-1010       RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es(5.3mb)
PIONEER            SX-1010       RECEIVER                    INST     $20.00es
PIONEER            SX-1050       RECEIVER                    SER      $32.00es.(16.9mb)
PIONEER            SX-1080       RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es(4.5mb)
PIONEER            SX-1250       RECEIVER                    SER      $38.00es(19.6mb)
PIONEER            SX-1280       RECEIVER                    SER      $32.00es.(12.1mb)
PIONEER            SX-1500T      RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00oes
PIONEER            SX-1500TD     RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SX-1980       RECEIVER                    SER      $38.00es(28.2mb)
PIONEER            SX-2000       RECEIVER                    INST     $20.00
PIONEER            SX-2500       RECEIVER                    INST/SER $24.00oes(4.5mb)
PIONEER            SX-3000       RECEIVER                    SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            SX-3400       RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SX-3500/620   RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SX-3600/720   RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es(2.3mb)
PIONEER            SX-3700       RECEIVER                    INST     $20.00es
PIONEER            SX-3700/820   RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00
PIONEER            SX-3800       RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es(5.5mb)
PIONEER            SX-3900       RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es(6.3mb)
PIONEER            SX-6000       RECEIVER                    SCH      $14.00es
PIONEER            SX-9000       RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $24.00es
PIONEER            T-500         TAPE DECK                   SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            T-600         TAPE DECK                   SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            T-3300        CASSETTE TAPE DECK          SER      $24.00
PIONEER            T-3500        TAPE DECK                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            T-6600        TAPE DECK                   OP       $24.00es
PIONEER            T-6600/6100   TAPE DECK                   SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            T-8000        TAPE DECK                   SER      $24.00
PIONEER            T-8800        TAPE DECK                   OP       $24.00
PIONEER            TP-222        TAPE DECK                   SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            TP-700        TAPE DECK                   SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            TP-777        TAPE DECK                   SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            TP-900        AUTO STEREO                 SER      $24.00
PIONEER            TS-LX100      WOOFER                      SER      $20.00
PIONEER            TX-500        TUNER                       SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            TX-600        TUNER                       SER      $24.00
PIONEER            TX-700        TUNER                       SER      $24.00
PIONEER            TX-800        TUNER                       SER      $24.00
PIONEER            TX-900        TUNER                       SER      $24.00
PIONEER            TX-1000       TUNER                       SER      $24.00
PIONEER            TX-5300       TUNER                       SER      $24.00
PIONEER            TX-5500       TUNER                       SER      $24.00
PIONEER            TX-6200       TUNER                       SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            TX-6500       TUNER                       SER      $24.00
PIONEER            TX-7100       TUNER                       SCH      $14.00es
PIONEER            TX-7500       TUNER                       SER      $24.00oes
PIONEER            TX-8100       TUNER                       SCH      $14.00
PIONEER            TX-8500II     TUNER                       SER      $24.00es
PIONEER            TX-9100       TUNER                       SCH      $14.00es
PIONEER            TX-9500       TUNER                       OP       $20.00es(.8mb)
PIONEER            TX-9500       TUNER                       SER      $24.00es(3.7mb)
PIONEER            TX-9500II     TUNER                       SER      $32.00es(13.2mb)
PIONEER            U-24          PROGRAM SELECTOR            SER      $20.00es
PIONEER            VC-T700       VIDEO CONTROL TUNER         SER      $22.00
PIONEER            VSX-2000      RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
PIONEER            VSX-3000      RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
PIONEER            VSX-3700S/3600 RECEIVER                   SER      $20.00
PIONEER            VSX-5300/5300S RECEIVER                   SER/INST $24.00es
PIONEER            VSX-9300S     RECEIVER                    INST     $20.00
PIONEER            VSX-9500S/7500S RECEIVER                  SER      $32.00
PIONEER            VSX-D606S     RECEIVER                    SER      $32.00
PIONEER            VSX-D607S     RECEIVER                    SER      $32.00
PIONEER            X-100         CASSETTE MECH               SER      $20.00
PIONEER            X-103SM       CASSETTE MECH               SER      $20.00
POLARAD            1108M4        SIGNAL GENERATOR            OP       $24.00
POLARAD            PMX           SIGNAL GENERATOR            OP       $20.00
POLARAD            SA-84W/WF     SPRECTUM ANALYZER           OP       $32.00
POLARAD            TSA-W/WF      SPECTRUM ANALYZER           OP       $32.00
POLYTRONICS        POLY-COMM "N" CB                          INST/SER $20.00
POLYTRONICS        POLY-COMM II-G CB                         INST/SER $20.00
POLYTRONICS        POLY-COMM 62B  TRANSCEIVER                INST/SER $20.00es
POWER DESIGNS      1565          DC HIGH VOLTAGE SOURCE      OP       $20.00
POWER DESIGNS      3650S         DC LOW VOLTAGE SUPPLY       OP       $20.00es
POWER DESIGNS      6050A         POWER SUPPLY                OP       $20.00es
PRECISE            308           OSCILLOSCOPE                OP       $27.00es
PRECISE            630           SIGNAL GENERATOR            OP       $20.00es
PRECISE            711/713       POWER SUPPLY                OP       $20.00es
PRECISE            909           VTVM                        OP       $20.00es
PRECISE            9071          VTVM                        OP       $20.00
PRECISION          1A1           ULTRA SIGNAL GEN. (NO SCH.) OP       $14.00
PRECISION          10-12/10-15   TUBE TESTERS                OP       $20.00es
PRECISION          10-20/10-22/10-54 TUBE TESTERS            OP       $20.00es
PRECISION          10-12/10-15   TUBE TEST DATA              DATA     $20.00es
PRECISION          10-20/10-22/10-54 TUBE TESTERS            DATA     $20.00
PRECISION          10-60         TUBE TEST DATA              DATA     $20.00
PRECISION          10-60         TUBE TESTER                 OP       $24.00es
PRECISION          10-60         TRANSISTOR TEST DATA 6/61   DATA     $20.00
PRECISION          10-60         TRANSISTOR TEST DATA 8/62   DATA     $22.00
PRECISION          85            VOM                         OP       $20.00
PRECISION	   88	         VOM			     OP/SER   $30.00es
PRECISION          120           VOM                         OP       $20.00
PRECISION          120-M         VOM                         OP       $20.00
PRECISION          612           TUBE TESTER                 OP       $20.00es
PRECISION          612/614/620/654 TUBE TEST DATA (THRU 1969)DATA     $24.00es
PRECISION          640           TUBE TESTER                 OP       $20.00es
PRECISION          640/660       SUPPLEMETARY TUBE DATA      DATA     $20.00es
PRECISION          654           TUBE TESTER                 OP       $20.00es
PRECISION          660           TUBE & TRANSISTOR TESTER    OP   $20.00
PRECISION          660           TRANSISTOR & CRYSTAL TEST DATA   $32.00
PRECISION          852 SERIES    VOM                         OP       $20.00                              
PRECISION          910-954       TUBE TESTER                 OP       $20.00es
PRECISION          910-954       TUBE TESTER SUPPLEMENT DATA DATA     $20.00es
PRECISION          910-954       TEST DATA THROUGH NOV 76    DATA     $22.00es
PRECISION          960           TRANSISTOR/DIODE TESTER     OP       $20.00
PRECISION          960           CRYSTAL DIODE TEST DATA     DATA     $20.00
PRECISION          1950          CATALOG                     DATA     $14.00
PRECISION          1953          CATALOG                     DATA     $14.00
PRECISION          CB-26         CAPACITOR TESTER            OP       $20.00es
PRECISION          E-200         SIG.GEN OP.INST             OP       $20.00es
PRECISION          E-200         SER. BY SIG. SUBS. 121pgs   OP       $32.00es
PRECISION          E-200C        SIG.GEN OP.INST             OP       $20.00es
PRECISION          E-200C        SER. BY SIG. SUBS. 92pgs    OP       $32.00es.
PRECISION          E-200C new    1967 VERSION SIG GENERATOR  OP       $20.00es       
PRECISION          E 300         SINE SQUARE WAVE GENERATOR  OP       $20.00
PRECISION          E-310         SINE SQUARE WAVE GENERATOR  OP       $20.00es
PRECISION          E-400         SWEEP GENERATOR             OP       $20.00es
PRECISION          ES 500        OSCILLOGRAPH                OP       $20.00
PRECISION          ES 500A       OSCILLOGRAPH                OP       $20.00es
PRECISION          ES-550        OSCILLOSCOPE                OP       $20.00es
PRECISION          EV-20         VTVM                        OP       $20.00oes
PRECISION          LINE          VARIOUS                     AD        $10.00
PRECISION          PAA           PICTURE TUBE ADAPTER        OP        $10.00
PRECISION          RF-10A        TEST PROBE                  OP       $14.00
PRECISION          SP-5          OSCILLOSCOPE PROBES         OP       $14.00
PRECISION          TV            HIGH VOLTAGE PROVES         OP       $14.00
PREMIER            570           SIGNAL GENERATOR            OP/SER   $20.00
PRIDE              TF-1000       FREQ COUNTER                OP       $20.00
PROTON             600T/600R     VIDEO TUNER and REMOTE      SER      $20.00es
PROTON             601T          VIDEO TUNER                 SER      $24.00  
PYRAMID            PS-25         POWER SUPPLY                SCH       $10.00es