Key to manual types:

OPerating, SERvice, SCHematic only, ARTicle, PARTial, ADvertisement, ASSemblY, INSTructions only, DESCription, DATa, , e or es Digitally Scanned, SPECificationS

There are two ways to order, by putting in  the exact Model Number of the manual you want into the primary web page database search box, you can find a data return with price where you can purchase.  An alternate way is to click the Icon "ORDER ON-LINE" button below and this will take you to a secure order form where you can order it manually, rather than automatically.  The choice is yours.

If a manual shows the price, a "O" and "es", it means we have an original we will sell for 150% of the digital (es) price.  A good example is a $20 manual printed or emailed from our original digital master.  If it show a "O" to the right of the price, we have an original we will sell for $ 30.00.  If there is nothing or nothing other than an "es" next to the price, this means we do not have any extra master originals that we will sell.  Where we only have one original, we will not sell that original manual as this is our security against a hard drive or computer crash.

COMPANY            MODEL         DESCRIPTION                 TYPE      PRICE
OMEGA              175           DIGITAL INDICATOR           INST     $14.00
ONKYO              A-7022        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
ONKYO              A-7055/4055   AMPLIFIER/TUNER             SER      $20.00
ONKYO		   C707CHX	 STEREO			     SER      $27.00es
ONKYO		   CP-1020F	 AUTOMATIC TURNTABLE	     SER      $30.00es
ONKYO              DX-130        CD PLAYER                   SER      $20.00es   
ONKYO              T-4090        STEREO SYSTEM    Service    SER      $20.00
ONKYO              TS-500        QUAD RECEIVER               SER      $20.00
ONKYO              TX-220        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
ONKYO              TX-330        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
ONKYO              TX-440        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
ONKYO              TX-555        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
ONKYO              TX-560        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
ONKYO              TX-666        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
ONKYO              TX-670        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
ONKYO              TX-901/903    TUNER AMPLIFIER             SER      $20.00
ONKYO              TX-2000       RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00 
ONKYO              TX-2500/4500  RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
OPTOELECTRONICS    2600-3000     COUNTER                     OP       $14.00
OPTOELECTRONICS    OPTO-8000.1A  FREQUENCY COUNTER           OP       $14.00
OPTONICA           RP-114VL      TURNTABLE                   SER      $24.00es
OPTONICA           RP-1414       TURNTABLE                   SER      $14.00
OPTONICA           RP-3300       TURNTABLE                   SER      $14.00es
OPTONICA           RP-3300       TURNTABLE                   OP       $14.00
OPTONICA           RP-3636       TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00oes
OPTONICA           RP-4705       TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
OPTONICA           RP-7205       TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           RP-7505       TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           RP-9705       TURNTABLE                   SER      $24.00
OPTONICA           RT-1515/B     CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00es
OPTONICA           RT-3300/C     CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           RT-3300       CASSETTE DECK               INST     $20.00
OPTONICA           RT-3400       CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           RT-3535       CASSETTE DECK               SER      $24.00
OPTONICA           RT-5050       CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           RT-6001/-6005 CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00es
OPTONICA           RT-6002/C     CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           RT-6006/C     CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           RT-6101/-6105 CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           RT-6202/-6206 CASSETTE DECK               SER      $24.00
OPTONICA           RT-6207/6203C CASSETTE DECK               SER      $24.00
OPTONICA           RT-6405       CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           RT-6501/6505  CASSETTE DECK               SER      $24.00es
OPTONICA           RT-6502/6506  CASSETTE DECK               SER      $24.00
OPTONICA           RT-6605       CASSETTE DECK               SER      $24.00es
OPTONICA           RT-6905/AD-600 CASSETTE DECK              SER      $28.00
OPTONICA           SA-4141       RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00
OPTONICA           SA-5101/-5105 RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es
OPTONICA           SA-5107       RECEIVER                    INST     $20.00
OPTONICA           SA-5107       RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           SA-5151       RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00
OPTONICA           SA-5201/-5205 RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es
OPTONICA           SA-5202/-5206 RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00
OPTONICA           SA-5207       RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
OPTONICA           SA-5401/-5405 RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es
OPTONICA           SA-5402/-5406 RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00
OPTONICA           SA-5407       RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
OPTONICA           SA-5602/-5606 RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00
OPTONICA           SG-400        STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $24.00
OPTONICA           SM-1515/B     AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           SM-3201/-3205 AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           SM-3300       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           SM-3636       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           SM-4301/-4305 AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
OPTONICA           SM-4545       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           SM-4646       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
OPTONICA           SM-7301/-7305 AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
OPTONICA           SM-9005       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           SO-9201/-9205 PRE-AMPLIFIER               SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           ST-1515/B     TUNER                       SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           ST-3300       TUNER                       SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           ST-3535       TUNER                       SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           ST-3636       TUNER                       SER      $24.00
OPTONICA           ST4201/-4205  TUNER                       SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           ST-4401/-4405 TUNER                       SER      $20.00es
OPTONICA           ST-4406       ELECT. TUNING PROCESSOR     SER      $20.00
OPTONICA           ST-7401/-7405 TUNER                       SER      $28.00
OPTONICA           ST-9401/-9405 TUNER                       SER      $28.00
OPTONICA           SX-9301/-9305 AMPLIFIER                   SER      $24.00 
OVATION            K-6001        PREAMPLIFIER                OP       $11.00
OVATION            K-6002        PREAMPLIFIER                OP       $11.00
OVATION            K-6003        PREAMPLIFIER                OP       $11.00
OVATION            K-6003-B      PREAMPLIFIER                OP       $11.00 
OVATION            K-6012        AMPLIFIER-NO SCHM           OP        $8.00
OVATION            K-6100        AMPLIFIER-NO SCHM           OP        $8.00
OVATION            K-6200        AMPLIFIER-NO SCHM           OP        $8.00
OVATION            K-6300        AMPLIFIER                   OP       $11.00