Key to manual types:

OPerating, SERvice, SCHematic only, ARTicle, PARTial, ADvertisement, ASSemblY, INSTructions only, DESCription, DATa, , e or es Digitally Scanned, SPECificationS

There are two ways to order, by putting in  the exact Model Number of the manual you want into the primary web page database search box, you can find a data return with price where you can purchase.  An alternate way is to click the Icon "ORDER ON-LINE" button below and this will take you to a secure order form where you can order it manually, rather than automatically.  The choice is yours.

If a manual shows the price, a "O" and "es", it means we have an original we will sell for 150% of the digital (es) price.  A good example is a $20 manual printed or emailed from our original digital master.  If it show a "O" to the right of the price, we have an original we will sell for $ 30.00.  If there is nothing or nothing other than an "es" next to the price, this means we do not have any extra master originals that we will sell.  Where we only have one original, we will not sell that original manual as this is our security against a hard drive or computer crash.

COMPANY            MODEL         DESCRIPTION                 TYPE      PRICE
NAD                208           POWER AMPLIFIER             SER      $20.00
NAD                304           INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER        SER      $20.00es
NAD                502           CD PLAYER                   SER      $20.00es
NAD                513           CD PLAYER                   SER      $20.00es
NAD                602           CD                          SER      $20.00
NAD                902           MULTI-CHANNEL AMPLIFIER     SER      $20.00  
NAD                906           MULTI-CHANNEL AMPLIFIER     SER      $20.00es
NAD                7225          RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
NAD                7240          RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
NAKAMICHI          480           CASSETTE DECK               SER      $32.00es
NAKAMICHI          682ZX         TAPE DECK  OWNER'S MAN.     INST     $20.00es
NAKAMICHI          CDC-200       CD CHANGER                  INST     $20.00
NAP                See ALSO MAGNAVOX
NAP                BG7500        VIDEO GAME                  SER      $14.00
NAP                BG7510        VIDEO GAME                  SER      $14.00
NAP                BG7520        VIDEO GAME                  SER      $14.00
NAP                BH7511        VIDEO GAME                  SER      $14.00
NAP                BJ7600        VIDEO GAME                  SER      $14.00
NAP                EC4015;4017   STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $32.00
NAP                MX1200/SY1201/STEREO                      SCH      $20.00
NAP                MX1250        STEREO                      SCH      $20.00
NAP                MX1275/SY2157 STEREO                      SER      $32.00
NAP                MX1410/EC4010 STEREO                      SCH      $20.00
NAP                MX1411/EC4011 STEREO                      SCH      $20.00
NAP                MX1415/EC4015/STEREO                      SER      $32.00
NAP                MX1418/EC4018/STEREO                      SER      $32.00es
NAP                MX1600BK01    STEREO                      SER      $32.00
NAP                MX1606        STEREO                      SCH      $11.00
NAP                MX1610/SY1611/STEREO                      SCH      $11.00
NAP                MX1700/SY1701 STEREO                      SCH      $11.00
NAP                MX1800/SY1801/STEREO                      SCH      $11.00
NAP                MX1810/SY1811/STEREO                      SER      $32.00
NAP                MX1820/EC8010 STEREO                      SCH      $11.00
NAP                MX1910/SY1911/STEREO                      SCH      $11.00
NAP                MX1915/EC9015 STEREO                      SER      $32.00
NAP                MX1920/EC9020 STEREO                      SCH      $11.00
NAP                W641/W642     RECORD CHANGERS             SER      $20.00es
NAP                W754/W755/W757RECORD CHANGERS             SER      $20.00
NARCO              VGTR-2        UNICOM RADIO TELEPHONE      OP       $20.00
NATIONAL           AC200         POWER SUPPLY                OP       $11.00
NATIONAL           AD            22 PAGE BROCHURE LATE '60s  DATA     $20.00
NATIONAL           FB-7/FBA/FBXA RECEIVER ALIGNMENT          OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           HFS           RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00
NATIONAL           HRO EARLY     ORIG. SER MAN               OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           HRO BLACK BOX SERIES FROM M TO 5A1        OP/SER   $24.00es
NATIONAL           HRO-7         RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $24.00es
NATIONAL           HRO-50        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $24.00es
NATIONAL           HRO-50-1      RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $24.00es
NATIONAL           HRO-60        RECEIVER AND FACT. ALIGN.   OP/SER   $24.00es
NATIONAL           HRO-500       RECEIVER (Series 88)        OP/SER   $32.00es
NATIONAL	   HRO-500	 RECEIVER (Series 122)       OP/SER   $32.00es
NATIONAL           HRO-500 LF-10 LOW FREQ.PRESELECTOR        OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           HRO-600       RECEIVER  (NO SCH)          OP       $38.00es
NATIONAL           HRO-601       HRO 600 VFO                 OP       $20.00es
NATIONAL           HRO 686/697/1286 POWER SUPPLY             OP/SER   $11.00es
NATIONAL           NC-TV7/7M     TELEVISION RECEIVER         OP/SER   $35.00es
NATIONAL           NC-TV10T      TELEVISION RECEIVER         OP/SER   $20.00
NATIONAL           NC-2-40/2-40S RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00
NATIONAL           NC-2-40D      RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00
NATIONAL           NC-33         RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NC-44         RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00
NATIONAL           NC-46         RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NC-57         RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NC-57B        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NC-57M        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NC-60         RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NC-66         RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00
NATIONAL           NC-77X        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NC-88         RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NC-98         RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NC-100 FAMILY RECEIVERS(100,100A,101,101A)OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NC 105        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NC-108        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NC-109        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NC-125        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NC-140        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NC-173        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $24.00oes
NATIONAL           NC-183        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $24.00
NATIONAL           NC-183D       RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $24.00es
NATIONAL           NC-190        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NC-200        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NC-270        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $24.00
NATIONAL           NC-300        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $24.00es
NATIONAL           NC-303        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $24.00es
NATIONAL           NC-400        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $24.00es
NATIONAL           NC-300C1-C6   CONVERTERS                  OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NCL-2000      LINEAR AMPLIFER             OP/SER   $24.00
NATIONAL           NCX-A         POWER SUPPLY                OP/SER   $11.00
NATIONAL           NCX-3         TRANSCVR/NCXA               OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           NCX-5         TRANSCVR/NCXA AND MKII MODS OP/SER   $24.00es
NATIONAL           NCX-200       TRANSCVR/AC200              OP/SER   $24.00es
NATIONAL           NCX-500       TRANSCEIVER/AC500           OP/SER   $24.00es
NATIONAL           NCX-1000      TRANSCEIVER                 OP/SER   $42.00es
NATIONAL           NTX-30        TRANSMITTER                 OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           ONE-10        RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           STUDY         A COMPANY IN TRANSITION 14PGDATA     $20.00    
NATIONAL           SW -3         RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $20.00es
NATIONAL           SW-3          NAT. REPRINT OF QST ART WITHART      $14.00es
NATIONAL           SW-3          1931 QST ART                ART      $14.00es	
NATIONAL           SW-3          1971 & 1978 CQ ART.         ART      $14.00es
NATIONAL           SW-5          1978 CQ ART                 ART      $14.00es
NATIONAL           SW-5          JAN 1931 ART                ART      $14.00
NATIONAL           SW-54         RECEIVER                    OP/SER   $14.00es
NATIONAL           SW-34 &SW-58  WORLD WIDE SHORT WAVE   A   ART      $14.00
NATIONAL           VX501         VFO FOR NCX5                OP/SER   $14.00
NEC                A-610BU       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $32.00
NEC                A-910BU/BA    AMPLIFIER                   SER      $32.00
NEC                AV-200E       AV CENTER                   INST     $20.00es
NEC                AV-210(BU)    AV SURROUND PROCESSOR       SER      $20.00
NEC                AV-260 BU     AV SURROUND PROCESSOR       SER      $20.00
NEC                AV-330BU      AV SURROUND PROCESSOR       SER      $20.00
NEC                AV-360(BU)    AV CENTER                   SER      $20.00es
NEC                AVA-505 (BU)  3/5 CHANNEL AMP             SER      $20.00es
NEC                AVR-710E/BU   AV RECEIVER                 SER      $22.00  
NEC                AVR-1010E(BU) AV RECEIVER                 SER      $20.00
NEC                AVX-910BU     AV SURROUND DECODER         SER      $20.00
NEC                CD-420BU      CD PLAYER                   SER      $20.00
NEC                CD-520BU      CD PLAYER                   SER      $20.00
NEC                CD-530BU      CD PLAYER                   SER      $20.00
NEC                CD-620BU      CD PLAYER                   SER      $20.00
NEC                CD-630BU      CD PLAYER                   SER      $20.00
NEC                CD-705BG/BU   CD PLAYER                   SER      $32.00
NEC                CD-720BU      CD PLAYER                   SER      $20.00
NEC                CD-730BU      CD PLAYER                   SER      $20.00
NEC                CD-830BU      CD PLAYER                   SER      $20.00
NEC                K-510BU/BA    STEREO CASSETTE DECK        SER      $20.00
NEC                K710E(BU)     STEREO CASSETTE DECK        SER      $20.00
NEC                PLA-710 (BU)  AV SURROUND PROCESSOR       SER      $20.00es
NEC                PLD-910 (BU)  AV SURROUND DECODER         SER      $22.00es
NEC                R-510BU/BA/BC AV RECEIVER                 SER      $22.00
NEC                SI-5320       SYSTEM INTERFACE            SER      $32.00es
NEC                T610E(BU)     TUNER                       SER      $20.00  
NEC                T-710BU/BA    TUNER                       SER      $20.00
NEMS CLARKE        120E          SPECIAL PURPOSE RECEIVER    OP/SER   $28.00es
NEMS CLARKE	   1501/1502     SPECIAL PURPOSE RECEIVER    OP/SER   $28.00es
NEMS CLARKE	   1672/73/74    SPECIAL PURPOSE RECEIVER    OP/SER   $28.00es
NEWCOMB            KX-30         AMPLIFIER (Service)         SER      $16.00es
NIDA               MODEL 202     AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00
NIDA               MODEL 203     AUDIO OSCILLATOR            OP       $14.00
NIKKO              ALPHA-I       AMPLIFIER                   SCH      $10.00es
NIKKO              ALPHA-II      AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              ALPHA-III     AMPLIFIER                   SCH      $10.00es
NIKKO              ALPHA-VI      AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              ALPHA 130     AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              ALPHA 220     AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              ALPHA 230/230SAMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              ALPHA 440     AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              ATD-I         TIME DELAY                  SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              BETA-I        PREAMPLIFIER (COPY)         SER      $20.00
NIKKO              BETA-II       PREAMPLIFIER                SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              BETA-III      PREAMPLIFIER                SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              BETA 20       PREAMPLIFIER                SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              BETA 30/30S/50/50S PREAMPLIFIER           SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              BETA 40       PREAMPLIFIER                SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              BTL-I         POWER BRIDGING NETWORK      SER      $14.00es
NIKKO              EQ-I/EQ 20    EQUALIZER                   SER      $20.00
NIKKO              EQ-II         EQUALIZER                   SER      $20.00
NIKKO              EQ 500        EQUALIZER                   SER      $20.00
NIKKO              FAM 500       TUNER                       SER      $20.00
NIKKO              FAM 800       RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              GAMMA-V       TUNER-PARTIAL               SER      $14.00es
NIKKO              GAMMA -I      TUNER                       SER      $20.00Oes
NIKKO              GAMMA 20      TUNER                       SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              GAMMA  30/S   TUNER                       SER      $20.00
NIKKO              GAMMA 40      TUNER                       SER      $20.00
NIKKO              MX-A7         AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
NIKKO              MX-D7         CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
NIKKO              MX-P7         TURNTABLE                   SER      $11.00
NIKKO              MX-T7         TUNER                       SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NA 500        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NA 550        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              NA 590        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00oes
NIKKO              NA 590II      AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NA 690        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              NA 790        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              NA 850        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              NA 890        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              NA 990/1090   AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              NA-2000       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              NA 2090       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
NIKKO              ND 300/500II  CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
NIKKO              ND 390II/590IICASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
NIKKO              ND 520        CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              ND 600/620    CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
NIKKO              ND 700II      CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
NIKKO              ND 790        CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
NIKKO              ND 800        CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
NIKKO              ND 990        CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
NIKKO              ND 1000       CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
NIKKO              ND 1000C      CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NP 500        TRUNTABLE                   SER      $11.00
NIKKO              NP 550        TURNTABLE                   SER      $11.00
NIKKO              NP 700        TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NR 300        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NR 315        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NR 320        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NR 500        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NR 515        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              NR 519        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NR 520        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NR 615        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NR 700/800    RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NR 715        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              NR 719        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NR 815        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              NR 819        RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NR 1000       RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00oes
NIKKO              NR 1015       RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00oes.
NIKKO              NR 1019       RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00oes
NIKKO              NR 1219       RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              NR 1415       RECEIVER                    SER      $24.00es
NIKKO              NT 500/500L   TUNER                       SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NT 550        TUNER                       SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              NT 700        TUNER                       SER      $30.00
NIKKO              NT 790        TUNER                       SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NT 850        TUNER                       SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NT 890        TUNER                       SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              NT 990        TUNER                       SER      $20.00
NIKKO              NT 2000       TUNER                       SER      $20.00
NIKKO              STA-1101      RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              STA-2010      RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              STA-3035      RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              STA-4010/G    RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              STA-5010/5020 RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              STA-5055      RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              STA-6065      RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              STA-7070      RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              STA-7075      RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              STA-8080      RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00
NIKKO              STA-8085      RECEIVER                    SER      $20.00es
NIKKO              TRM 500       AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
NLS                MS215         OSCILLOSCOPE                OP/SER   $20.00es1.5mb
NON LINEAR SYSTEMS 451           DVM                         OP       $20.00
NORELCO		   22RL798/44    AM-FM-SW RECEIVER           SER      $21.00es
NORELCO		   B3X98A	 AM-FM-SW RECEIVER           SER      $25.00es
NORELCO            EL3301        CARRY-CORDER '150'          SER      $20.00es
NORELCO            EL3302        CARRY-CORDER '150'          SER      $20.00
NORELCO            EL3528/54A    CONTINENTAL '201'           SER      $20.00
NORELCO            EL3541        CONTINENTAL '200'           SER      $20.00
NORELCO            EL3541        CONTINENTAL '200'           OWNERS   $20.00
NORELCO            EL 3583       DICTATING MACHINE           OP       $20.00 
NORELCO            EL6425/00/06  AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00es
NORELCO            EL6426/00     AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
NRI                67/68         TUBE TESTER                 OP/DATA  $20.00
NRI                70            TUBE TESTER                 OP/SER   $20.00es
NRI                112           RESISTANCE/CAP BRIDGE       OP/SER   $20.00es
NRI                230           SIGNAL TRACER               SCH       $8.00
NUTONE             IM-303/IMA-303/313/323 RADIO/INTCOM       SER      $24.00es
NYE VIKING         MBIV          ANTENNA TUNER               OP       $20.00es