Key to manual types:

OPerating, SERvice, SCHematic only, ARTicle, PARTial, ADvertisement, ASSemblY, INSTructions only, DESCription, DATa, , e or es Digitally Scanned, SPECificationS

There are two ways to order, by putting in  the exact Model Number of the manual you want into the primary web page database search box, you can find a data return with price where you can purchase.  An alternate way is to click the Icon "ORDER ON-LINE" button below and this will take you to a secure order form where you can order it manually, rather than automatically.  The choice is yours.

If a manual shows the price, a "O" and "es", it means we have an original we will sell for 150% of the digital (es) price.  A good example is a $20 manual printed or emailed from our original digital master.  If it show a "O" to the right of the price, we have an original we will sell for $ 30.00.  If there is nothing or nothing other than an "es" next to the price, this means we do not have any extra master originals that we will sell.  Where we only have one original, we will not sell that original manual as this is our security against a hard drive or computer crash.



COMPANY            MODEL         DESCRIPTION                 TYPE      PRICE
B & K              120           VOM                         OP       $20.00es
B & K              120P          VOM (NO SCH)                OP       $20.00
B & K              162           TRANSISTOR TESTER           OP       $20.00es
B & K              177-V95       VTVM                        OP       $20.00es
B & K              181           ELECTRONIC MULTIMETER       OP       $20.00
B & K              200/350/400   CRT REJUVENATORS            OP       $20.00es
B & K              277           ELECTRONIC MULTIMETER       OP       $20.00es
B & K              280           DMM                         OP       $20.00
B & K              281           DMM                         OP       $14.00
B & K              282           DMM                         OP       $20.00oes
B & K              290           ELECTRONIC MULTIMETER       OP       $20.00es
B & K              360           VOM       NO SCH            OP       $20.00
B & K	           375           VTVM	                     OP       $20.00
B & K              388HD         DMM                         OP       $20.00es
B & K              415           SWEEP GENERATOR             OP       $32.00Oes
B & K              440           CRT REJUVINATOR             OP       $20.00
B & K              445           CRT TESTER NO SCH           OP       $20.00es
B & K              465           CRT CHECKER SET UP CHART   OP/DATA   $22.00
B & K              466           CRT CHECKER                 OP       $20.00
B & K              466           SET UP CHARTS & INSTRUCTIONSDATA     $20.00
B & K              467/470       SET UP CHARTS & INSTRUCTIONSDATA     $20.00es
B & K              467           CRT REJUVENATOR             OP       $20.00es
B & K              480/490       SET UP CHARTS & INSTRUCTIONSDATA     $20.00
B & K              480           CRT TESTER/REJUVENATOR      OP       $20.00
B & K              500           TUBE TESTER                 OP       $20.00es
B & K              500           TUBE TESTER  TEST DATA      DATA     $24.00es
B & K              510PANEL      500 TUBE TESTER ACCY        OP       $20.00es
B & K              510           TRANSISTOR TESTER           OP       $20.00es
B & K              520           TRANSISTOR TESTER NO SCH    INST     $20.00es
B & K              520B          TRANSISTOR TESTER           OP       $20.00es
B & K              600           TUBE TESTER OP              OP       $20.00es
B & K              600           TUBE TESTER TEST DATA       DATA     $22.00es
B & K              606           TUBE TESTER OP ONLY         OP       $20.00es
B & K              606/666       TUBE TESTER OP AND DATA     OP/DATA  $20.00es
B & K              610           TUBE TESTER ADP. FOR 500    OP       $20.00es
B & K		   650		 TUBE TESTER INSTRUCTION     OP	      $21.00es
B & K              650           SET UP CHARTS               DATA     $24.00es
B & K              667           TUBE TESTER NO SCHEMATIC    OP       $20.00es
B & K		   700		 TUBE TESTER INSTRUCTION     OP       $21.00es
B & K              700           SET UP CHARTS               DATA     $24.00es
B & K              707           TUBE TESTER                 OP       $20.00es
B & K              707           SET UP CHARTS               DATA     $24.00es
B & K              747           TUBE TESTER                 INST     $20.00es
B & K              801           CAPACITOR TESTER            OP       $20.00es
B & K              820           CAPACITOR TESTER            OP       $20.00
B & K              850           COLOR GENERATOR             OP       $20.00
B & K              875A          LCR METER                   SER      $20.00
B & K              970           RADIO ANALYST               OP       $20.00es
B & K              1000          VIDEO GENERATOR             INST     $20.00
B & K              1040          CB SERVICEMASTER            OP       $22.00es
B & K              1070          SWEEP CIRCUIT ANAL.(NO SCH) OP       $20.00es
B & K              1074          TV ANALYST                  OP       $20.00
B & K              1075          TV ANALYST                  OP       $20.00
B & K              1077          TV ANALYST                  OP       $34.00es
B & K              1230          COLOR GENERATOR             OP       $20.00
B & K              1245          COLOR GENERATOR             OP       $20.00
B & K              1248          COLOR GENERATOR             OP       $20.00
B & K              1403          OSCILLOSCOPE (NO SCH)       OP       $20.00
B & K              1403A         OSCILLOSCOPE                OP       $20.00es
B & K              1405          OSCILLOSCOPE                OP       $20.00Oes

B & K              1450          OSCOPE/VECTORSCP (NO SCH)   OP       $22.00es
B & K              1460          OSCILLOSCOPE                OP       $22.00es
B & K              1461          OSCILLOSCOPE                OP       $22.00es
B & K              1465          OSCILLOSCOPE NO SCH.        INST     $22.00es
B & K              1466          OSCILLOSCOPE                OP       $22.00es
B & K              1466/67       OSCILLOSCOPE                SER      $22.00es
B & K              1470          OSCILLOSCOPE                OP       $22.00
B & K              1471B         OSCILLOSCOPE                OP       $22.00es
B & K              1471          OSCILLOSCOPE                SCH       $8.00
B & K              1472B         OSCILLOSCOPE NO SCH         OP       $22.00es
B & K              1474          OSCILLOSCOPE                OP       $22.00es
B & K              1479A         OSCILLOSCOPE                OP       $22.00es
B & K              1601          POWER SUPPLY                OP       $22.00
B & K              1602          POWER SUPPLY                OP       $20.00es
B & K              1640          PWR SUPPLY                  OP       $20.00
B & K              1645          POWER SUPPLY                OP       $20.00
B & K              1653/1655     ISOLATED AC PWR SUPPY       OP       $20.00es
B & K              1801          FREQUENCY COUNTER           OP       $20.00es
B & K              1850          FREQUENCY COUNTER           OP       $20.00
B & K              2040          CB SIGNAL GENERATOR NO SCH  OP       $20.00es
B & K              2800          DMM                         OP       $20.00
B & K              2810          DMM                         INST     $20.00
B & K              2830          DMM                         OP       $20.00
B & K              2845          DMM                         OP       $20.00
B & K              2902          SUBSTITUTION TESTER         OP       $20.00es
B & K              3010          FUNCTION GENERATOR          OP       $20.00Oes
B & K              177-V95       VTVM                        INST     $20.00
B & K              COBRA CAM-88  CB (Service CB-9)           SER      $14.00es
B & K              E-200D        SIGNAL GENERATOR  NO SCH    OP       $20.00es
B & K              FPS           PROBE                       OP        $8.00
B & K              TR110         ISOLATION TRANSFORMER       OP        $8.00
B & K              TT200         COBRA CB TESTER             OP       $20.00
B & W              51SB          SSB GENERATOR               OP       $20.00
B & W              51SB          INST.FOR USE WITH VIKING II INST     $20.00
B & W              140           DISTORTION ANALIZER         OP       $20.00
B & W              370-15        ANTENNA                     OP       $11.00
B & W		   400		 DISTORTION ANALYZER         OP/SER   $24.00es
B & W		   410		 DISTORTION ANALYZER	     OP/SER   $24.00es
B & W              600           GRID DIP METER              OP       $20.00
B & W              650           ANTENNA TUNER               OP       $11.00
B & W              5100          TRANSMITTER                 OP       $22.00
B & W              6100          TRANSMITTER                 OP       $22.00es
B & W              CATALOG       60'S      20PGS             DATA     $20.00
BABCOCK            BC-32E/-34C   BAND FILTER SYSTEM          OP       $20.00  
BABCOCK            MT-5A         TRANSMITTER                 OP       $20.00
BAIRD              SHORTWAVE     RECEIVER AND CONVERTERS     AD        $8.00
BALLANTINE         300N          AC VTVM                     OP       $20.00
BALLANTINE         300           AC VTVM                     OP       $20.00
BALLANTINE         302-C         ELECTRONIC VOLTMETER        OP       $20.00
BALLANTINE         310A          VTVM                        OP       $20.00
BALLANTINE         314           ELECTRONIC VOLTMETER        OP       $20.00
BALLANTINE         355           DVM                         OP       $20.00
BASSETT            VAC-40/75     TRAP ANTENNA                INST     $22.00
BAY STATE ELEC.    SG-132A       SWEEP GENERATOR             OP       $20.00
BECKER		   EUROPA MU-TG	 AUTO RADIO 		     SER      $25.00es
BECKMAN            903           PULSE GENERATOR             OP       $20.00
BECKMAN            554 F-1       EPUT METER (FR-67/U)        OP       $32.00es
BECKMAN            7370          UNIVERSAL EPUT METER        OP       $38.00
BECKMAN            7570          FREQUENCY CONVERSION EQ.    OP       $20.00
BECKMAN            103  1/50     VOLTMTETER                  OP       $20.00
BECKMAN            300-330       DMM                         OP       $20.00
BECKMAN            7150 7160     EPUT METER                  OP       $38.00es
BECKMAN            D23           DMM                         OP       $20.00
BECKMAN            DM15,20,25    DMM                         OP       $20.00
BECKMAN            DM40,45,50    DMM                         OP       $20.00
BECKMAN            G             pH METER                    INST     $20.00
BEEDE              PRESTON       SET ANALYZER 1931 MODEL(RSA)INST/SCH  $8.00
BELL SOUND         2075          PORT. PHONOGRAPH            INST     $14.00
BELL SOUND         2078          PHONA - P.A.                INST     $14.00
BELL SOUND         2199 B        AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00es
BELL SOUND         3710          P.A. SYSTEM                 INST     $14.00
BELL SOUND         3715          AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00
BELL SOUND         3723-M        AMPLIFIER                   INST     $14.00
BELL SOUND         3723-M        AMPLIFIER                   INST     $14.00
BELL SOUND         3725          AMPLIFIER                   INST     $14.00
BELL SOUND         3723-M        AMPLIFIER                   INST     $14.00
BELL SOUND         3728          MOBILE AMPLIFIER            INST     $14.00
BELL SOUND         3750-A        AMPLIFIER                   INST     $14.00
BELL SOUND         3750-B & PA 3750-B AMPLIFIER              INST     $14.00
BELL SOUND         RC-36         RE-CORD-O-FONE              INST     $14.00 
BELL SOUND         RC-47         RE-CORD-O-FONE              OP       $19.00es
BELL SOUND         RC-47A        RE-CORD-O-FONE              OP       $19.00es
BELL SOUND         RT-50/RT-50R  RE-CORD-O-FONE              OP       $14.00
BELL SOUND         RT-65B        RE-CORD-O-FONE              OP       $14.00
BENDIX             275-1         RADIOSONDE                  OP       $14.00
BENDIX		   1518-19-24-25 AM-FM CONSOLE RECEIVER      SER      $19.00es
BENDIX             RA-10CA,CB,DA,DB RECEIVERS                OP/SER   $24.00es
BENDIX		   0526SERIES	 RECEIVER		     SER      $19.00es
BENDIX             SAPHIRE I     '62 VOLKSWAGEN CAR RADIO    OWNER'S  $11.00
BERLANT            CONCERTONE    TAPE RECORDER               OWNERS   $20.00es
BIC                920           TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00
BIC                920           TURNTABLE                   OWNERS   $20.00
BIC                960/980       TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es
BIC                1000          TURNTABLE                   SER      $20.00es 
BIC                1000          TURNTABLE                   OWNERS   $20.00
BIC                T-1           CASSETTE DECK               SER      $22.00
BIC                T-1           CASSETTE DECK               OWNERS   $20.00
BIC                T-2           CASSETTE DECK               SER      $22.00es
BIC                T-2           CASSETTE DECK               OWNERS   $20.00
BIC                T-3           CASSETTE DECK               SER      $22.00es
BIC                T-3           CASSETTE DECK               OWNERS   $20.00es
BIC                T-4M          CASSETTE DECK               SER      $22.00es
BIC                T-05          CASSETTE DECK               SER      $20.00
BIGEAR             TYPE-2        2 METER TRANSCEIVER         OP       $20.00es
BIRD               43            WATTMETER                   OP       $20.00Oes.
BIRD               63            UHF WATTMETER               OP       $20.00
BIRD               M43           WATTMETER                   OP       $20.00
BIRD               4300-400      PEAK POWER MOD FOR 43       OP/INST  $14.00es
BLAUPUNKT          ACD2800       CD PLAYER                   SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          ACS2500       CASSETE RECEIVER          SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          ARUBA CR35    CASSETTE RECEIVER           SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          ASPEN CM147   AUTO RADIO                SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          ASPEN SQR24   CAR RECEIVER  (COPY)        SER      $24.00
BLAUPUNKT          ATLANTA CD85  CD PLAYER                   SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          AUSTIN CR45   CASSETTE RECEIVER           SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          BEQ 08E       EQUALIZER                   SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          BP415-A       AMPLIFIER                   OP       $11.00
BLAUPUNKT          CANCUN CR63   CASSETTE RECEIVER           SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          CDC-A05       CD CHANGER                SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          CDC-F05       CD CHANGER                  See CDC-A05
BLAUPUNKT          CDC-M5        CD PLAYER                   SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          CDC-M7        CD PLAYER                   SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          CDC-RF6       CD CHANGER                  SER      $22.00
BLAUPUNKT          CDC-RF61R     CD CHANGER                  SER      $20.00   
BLAUPUNKT          CMX-205A/D    CD DRIVE                    SER      $20.00   
BLAUPUNKT          DALLAS CR85   CASSETTE RECEIVER           SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          DENVER CM147  AUTO RADIO                  See ASPEN CM147
BLAUPUNKT          LAGUNA CD43   CD PLAYER                   SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          LAS VEGAS CDM147 AUTO RADIO               See ASPEN CM147
BLAUPUNKT          MALIBU CR67   AUTO RADIO                SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          MEMPHIS CR84  CASSETTE RECEIVER           SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          MIAMI CD127   AUTO RADIO                  See MALIBU CR67
BLAUPUNKT          NEW ORLEANS CD125 CD PLAYER               SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          ONTARIO CD85  CD PLAYER                   SER      $20.00es
BLAUPUNKT          PORTLAND CM85 CASSETTE RECEIVER           SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          RENO CM147    AUTO RADIO                  See ASPEN CM147
BLAUPUNKT          RPB250        CASSETTE RECEIVER           See ACS2500
BLAUPUNKT          RPB 3007      CASSETTE RECEIVER           See ACS2500
BLAUPUNKT          SAN DIEGO CM45 CASSETTE RECEIVER          SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          SAN FRANCISCO STEREO                      SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          SAVANNAH CR127 AUTO RADIO                 See MALIBU CR67
BLAUPUNKT          SEATTLE CR44  CASSETTE RECEIVER           SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          ST LOUIS CC24 CASSETTE RECEIVER           SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          TORINO ACS1000 CASSETTE RECEIVER          SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          TUCSON CM84   CASSETTE RECEIVER           SER      $22.00
BLAUPUNKT          VELOCITY V220 AMPLIFIER                   SER      $22.00
BLAUPUNKT          VELOCITY V250 AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          VELOCITY V420 AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          VELOCITY V450 AMPLIFIER                   SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          VELOCITY V2100 AMPLIFIER                  SER      $20.00
BLAUPUNKT          VELOCITY V7000 AMPLIFIER                  SER      $22.00 
BLAUPUNKT          VENTURA CD 83 COMPACT DISC PLAYER         SER      $20.00
BLONDER-TONGUE     MCA-B         VHF AMPLIFIER               INST     $11.00
BOGEN              4A            '46 INTERCOM SYSTEM         OP/INST  $11.00
BOGEN              AC-10         ADAPTING FOR STEREO         INST     $11.00
BOGEN              B60-61        RECORD PLAYER               OP       $14.00
BOGEN              BR360         RECEIVER  (BR Series)       SER      $14.00es
BOGEN              BT20A         P.A.AMPLIFIER               OP       $14.00
BOGEN              BT35A         P.A.AMPLIFIER               OP       $14.00
BOGEN              C10           AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00
BOGEN              C35           AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00
BOGEN              C60           AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00
BOGEN              C100          AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00
BOGEN              C35B          AMPLIFIER                   OP/SER   $14.00es
BOGEN              C60B          AMPLIFIER                   OP/SER   $14.00es
BOGEN              C100B         AMPLIFIER                   OP/SER   $14.00es
BOGEN              CD12          AMPLIFIER  DAMAGED          INST     $11.00 
BOGEN              CHA10         AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00
BOGEN              CHA33/33Y     AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00
BOGEN              CHA75A        AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00es
BOGEN              CHB10A/LC     AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00oo
BOGEN              CHB14A        AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00es
BOGEN              CHB20A        AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00ooo
BOGEN              CHB35A        AMPLIFIER                   OP/SER   $14.00
BOGEN              CHB 50        AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00es
BOGEN              CHB-100       AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00es
BOGEN              CHS20         AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00
BOGEN              CHS35/60A     AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00
BOGEN              CHS-35A/60A/100A AMPLIFIER                OP/SER   $14.00
BOGEN              CHS100        AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00es
BOGEN              CT60/CT100    AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00
BOGEN              CT60B/CT100B  AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00es
BOGEN              DB20          AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00
BOGEN              DB110-DB110G  AMPLIFIER                   OP/SER   $19.00Oes
BOGEN              DB125         AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00
BOGEN              DB212         AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00es
BOGEN              E10            '41 PA SYSTEM              OP/SER   $11.00es
BOGEN              E14/E20/E30    '41 PA SYSTEM              OP/SER   $11.00es
BOGEN              EC            SCHOOL SOUND SYSTEM         OP/SER   $20.00
BOGEN              ET16          RECORD PLAYER               OP/SER   $14.00
BOGEN              FM50          TUNER                       OP       $14.00es
BOGEN              FM51          TUNER                       OP       $14.00
BOGEN-CHALLANGER   HF8		 P A AMPLIFIER	             SER      $19.00es
BOGEN              L330          P A AMPLIFIER               OP       $14.00es
BOGEN              HO125         AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00
BOGEN              M330          AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00es
BOGEN              M330A         AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00es
BOGEN              MBT60         AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00
BOGEN              MO30          AMPLIFIER                   SPECS     $6.00
BOGEN              MO60A         AMPLIFIER                   SER      $14.00
BOGEN              MO100         AMPLIFIER                   SPECS     $8.00es
BOGEN              MO200A        AMPLIFIER                   OP       $14.00es
BOGEN              MSC/MSR       STEREO SYSTEM               SER      $20.00es
BOGEN              MTA30         P A AMPLIFIER               OP       $14.00
BOGEN              MTA60         P A AMPLIFIER               OP       $14.00
BOGEN              MU30          P A AMPLIFIER               OP       $14.00es
BOGEN              MX30          AMPLIFIER                   OP        $8.00
BOGEN              MX60A         P A AMPLIFIER               OP       $14.00es
BOGEN              PCA-1         PREAMPLIFIER                SPECS     $6.00
BOGEN              PDA           PREAMPLIFIER                SPECS     $6.00
BOGEN              PH-16         PORTABLE PHONOGRAPH         OP/SPECS  $6.00
BOGEN              RB115         FM-AM RECEIVER              OP       $14.00
BOGEN              RM300         AM/FM RECEIVER              INST     $11.00
BOGEN              RP2           PREAMPLIFIER-MIXER          SPECS    $14.00
BOGEN              RP150         FM-AM RECEIVER              OP       $14.00
BOGEN              RP150BM       FM-AM RECEIVER              OP       $14.00es
BOGEN              RR501C        FM-AM RECEIVER              OP       $14.00
BOGEN              SC24          PREAMPLIFIER-MIXER          SPECS     $6.00
BOGEN              TA-150        AMPLIFIER                   SER      $14.00
BOGEN              TCM-200       MIXER AMP USERS GUIDE       OP       $14.00es      
BOGEN              TWIN          WIRELESS INTERCOM           OP/SER   $14.00
BOGEN              VP17/17X      RECORD PLAYERS              OP/SER   $14.00
BOGEN              VP18          RECORD PLAYER               OP/SER   $14.00
BOONTON            91CA          RF VOLTMETER                OP       $20.00es
BOONTON            71A/71AR      CAPCITANCE/IND. METER       OP       $23.00es
BOONTON            100/160/170A  Q-METERS                    OP       $20.00
BOONTON            120A          VHF CHECKER                 OP       $20.00
BOONTON            140A          BFO                         OP       $20.00
BOONTON            160-A/170-A   Q METER                     OP       $20.00es
BOONTON            190-A         Q METER                     OP       $20.00oes
BOONTON            202-B         SIGNAL GENERATOR            OP       $20.00es
BOONTON            202-C         SIGNAL GENERATOR            OP       $20.00
BOONTON            202-D         SIGNAL GENERATOR            OP       $20.00
BOONTON            202-E         SIGNAL GENERATOR            OP       $20.00es
BOONTON            202-F/207F    SIGNAL GENERATOR/UNIVERTER  OP       $20.00
BOONTON            203-B         UNIVERTER                   OP       $20.00es
BOONTON            207-A         UNIVERTER                   OP       $20.00
BOONTON            207-E         UNIVERTER                   OP       $20.00
BOONTON            207-H         UNIVERTER                   OP       $20.00
BOONTON            211-A         SIGNAL GENERATOR            OP       $20.00
BOONTON            232-A         GLIDE SLOPE GENERATOR       OP       $20.00
BOONTON            235-A         NAVAGATION AID TEST SET     OP       $22.00
BOONTON            240-A         SWEEP SIGNAL GENERATOR      OP       $20.00
BOONTON            245-C/D       SIGNAL GENERATOR CALIBRATOR OP       $20.00
BOONTON            260A          Q METER                     OP       $20.00es
BOONTON            265-A         Q COMPARATOR                OP       $20.00es
BOONTON            280-A         UHF Q METER                 OP       $20.00es
BORG-WARNER        75B/SG-47     SIGNAL GENERATOR            OP       $20.00
BOSE               CD5           MUSIC CENTER                SER      $28.00
BOSE               ROOMATE II    AC/DC POWERED SPKR SYSTEM   SER      $14.00
BRELCO             269           ELECT. MEGAPHONE (FOR SHIPS)INST/SER $20.00
BREMER TULLY       S-81/S-82     RECEIVER             DATA + SCH      $11.00
BRISTOL            560 570 571   WIDE STRIP RECORDING SYSTEM OP       $20.00
BROADCAST ELECT.   303/305       TAPE CARTRIDGE UNITS        OP/SER   $24.00
BROADCAST ELECT.   CLA20-40      COMPRESSOR/LIMITER          OP       $20.00
BROADMOOR          1491/1492/1493STEREO                      SER      $20.00
BROWNING           OL-15A        OSCILLOSCOPE                OP       $14.00
BROWNING           S-2           FREQUENCY METER             OP       $14.00
BROWING            S-4           FREQUENCY METER             OP       $14.00
BROWNING DRAKE     5R            RECEIVER       SCH AND ART  SCH      $10.00es
BROWNING-DRAKE     28            RECEIVER    (32 PGS)        ASSY/OP  $20.00es
BRUEL AND KJAER    2409/2416     VTVM                        OP/SER   $20.00
BRUNSWICK          3NW8          RADIO PHONO (22 PGS)        OP/SER   $20.00
BRUNSWICK          12 TUBE       RADIO PHONO                 OP/SER   $11.00
BRUNSWICK          15/22         RECEIVER    (15 PAGES)      OP/SER   $20.00es
BRUNSWICK          1926          RPA(SEE ALSO RCA RADIOLA 28)SER      $11.00      
BRUNSWICK          A-2700/3720   PANATROPE RECEIVER(M31 SCH) INST     $11.00
BRUNSWICK          PANATROPE     RECORD CHANNGER             OP/SER   $11.00          
BRUSH              BL-206/208    CHART RECORDER              OP       $11.00
BRUSH              RECORDER MARK II  CHART RECORDER          OP       $20.00
BSR                710           TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                810           TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00oes
BSR                AA47 SERIES   TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                AA50 SERIES   TURNTABLE (B & H 3850)      OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-101/C107    TURNTABLE (WITH AA50)       OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-109/C110    TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00O
BSR                C-114/C115    TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00o
BSR                C-115R        TURNTABLE (WITH C115)       OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-116         TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00o
BSR                C-117/C117A3  TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-123         TURNTABLE  (WITH C129)      OP/SER   $14.00o
BSR                C-123R        TURNTABLE  (WITH C129)      OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-123R/R2/129R2TURNTABLE                  OP/SER   $14.00es
BSR                C-123R1       TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00o
BSR                C-123R1/R2/129R2 TURNTABLE                OP/SER   $14.00o
BSR                C-124         TURNTABLE (McDONALD 210)    OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-127         TURNTABLE (WITH C114/C115)  OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-127R        TURNTABLE (WITH C114/C115)  OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-129         TURNTABLE (B & H 3800)      OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-129R        TURNTABLE (WITH C129)       OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-129R1       TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-130         TURNTABLE (WITH C116)       OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-130R        TURNTABLE  (WITH C141)      OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-136         TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00es
BSR                C-136R        TURNTABLE (WITH C136)       OP/SER   $14.00oes
BSR                C-138         TURNTABLE (WITH C114/C115)  OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-138R        TURNTABLE (WITH C114/C115)  OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-141/C141R   TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $20.00o
BSR                C-141R1       TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00o
BSR                C142/C142A3   TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-142R        TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-154         TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00o
BSR                C-159         TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00o
BSR                C-163         TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00o
BSR                C-164         TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-165         TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-166         TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-167         TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-180/C181    TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00o
BSR                C-182         TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00o
BSR                C-185         TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00o
BSR                C-186         TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00o
BSR                C-197         TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00oes
BSR                C-198         TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00o
BSR                C-205/4P      TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00o
BSR                C-205/24P     TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00o
BSR                C-206         TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                C-218         TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                EQ-3000       EQUALIZER                   INST     $14.00es
BSR                MA-55         TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                MA65          TURNTABLE (McDONALD 400)    OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                MA70/MA75     TURNTABLE (McDONALD 500A/600) OP/SER $14.00
BSR                McDONALD 20   STEREO RECEIVER SYSTEM      SER      $20.00 
BSR                McDONALD 20A  STEREO RECEIVER SYSTEM      SER      $14.00
BSR                McDONALD 28   STEREO RECEIVER SYSTEM      SER      $20.00
BSR                McDONALD 40   STEREO RECEIVER SYSTEM      SER      $20.00
BSR                McDONALD 40A  STEREO RECEIVER SYSTEM      SER      $20.00
BSR                McDONALD 260  TURNTABLE (WITH C129)       OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                McDONALD 400  TURNTABLE                   SER      $14.00
BSR                McDONALD 500  TURNTABLE                   SER      $14.00
BSR                McDONALD 500A TURNTABLE                   SER      $14.00
BSR                McDONALD 510  TURNTABLE                   SER      $14.00
BSR                McDONALD 510/610/MP60 TURNTABLE           SER      $14.00es
BSR                McDONALD 600  TURNTABLE                   SER      $14.00
BSR                McDONALD R28A TURNTABLE                   SER      $14.00
BSR                McDONALD R30  TURNTABLE                   SER      $14.00
BSR                MT-1/-2       TURNTABLE                   SER      $ 8.00
BSR                P183          TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                P184          TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                P204          TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                P207          TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                P208          TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR-METROTEC       TA-1000       ANSWERING MACHINE           OP/SER   $20.00es
BSR                UA8           RECORD CHANGER (MONARCH UA8)OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                UA14          RECORD CHANGER              SER      $14.00
BSR                UA15SS SERIES RECORD CHANGER              SER      $14.00
BSR                UA25          TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                UA50          TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                UA65          TURNTABLE                   OP/SER   $14.00
BSR                UA70          TURNTABLE (McDONALD 500)    OP/SER   $14.00
BUCK ENG.          793           LAV-VOLT OSCILLOSCOPE       OP/SER   $20.00
BUICK              980534        CENTERLINE AUTO-RADIO       OP/SER   $20.00
BUICK              980535        CENTERLINE DUAL AUTO-RADIO  OP/SER   $20.00
BUDELMAN           17A4-2/17A4A-2DEVIATION METER             OP       $14.00