Packing-Shipping & Insurance  for radios - all are insured, light weight/miniature radios will be shipped by
USPS insured, all others by UPS insured, except large consoles which we will determine the best way to
ship at the time of purchase.  Each radio will have a description as to the classification for shipment charges. We
accept NO responsibility for freight carrier damage and all claims must be made by the buyer.

Miniature & very small radios 15.00
Small table radios 30.00
Medium Size & Weight radios 40.00
Large table radios 60.00
Floor consoles and large and/or heavy radios or High Dollar 120.00
Special High Dollar Consoles pro packing & shipping in the US can run 400.00
We have consolidated our radio listings into one page, so allow time to load the pictures  




The below pictures are for an excellent Collins Radio designed R-390A/URR communications receiver.  If you are not familiar with the R-390 and R-390A/URR legacy, read the historical information below the pictures. 

Much has been written about the R390A radio.  It happens to be what I consider to be the greatest boat-anchor radio ever built.  Surely with 26 tubes it happens to be one of the largest tube model receivers around.  It is considered by many to be the finest HF radio receiver ever built.  This is no light-weight panty-waste for sure as it weighs some 85 pounds and is built like a brick chicken-house.  It receives AM and CW signals from .5mhz to 31,999mhz.  The R390 was initially designed by Collins Radio and then re-designed under military mandate as the R390A/URR to reduce the number of tubes and to use the improved filtering enabled by using mechanical filters.  Some would like to think that this receiver is an electrical-mechanical nightmare, but to me it is a thing of sheer beauty.  Historically, this receiver was used by the military and government in most services and was classified as secret until the 1960's.  In fact some of the technical books produced by the military have still not been released of their classified nature.  This receiver also has the distinction of having served in 3 wars and oh, yes, the R390A has now served in 4 wars with the latest Iraq war seeing the R390A used in SIGINT use..  It was designed after WWII and was used in the Korean War, the Vietnam War and was used again in Desert Storm.  It is interesting to note that it was rushed back into service in the original Gulf War because many of the solid state receivers with their solid state RF front-ends were failing due to the high static charges attributed to the desert heat, low humidity and sand storms!  The R390A/URR communications receiver also happens to be one of the quietest receivers if not the quietest ever built.  It is capable of copying AM and CW signals all the way down to its -143db noise floor, all while maintaining the ability to operate in very strong and overloading signal environments and strong signal conditions.  The sensitivity of the R390A/URR is well known as it has been tested by some of the most prominent short-wave listeners in a side by side comparison with other "state-of-the-art" modern day receivers and it won hands down.  In my own office exists all sorts of optical disc jukeboxes, servers, networking electronics, switching power supplies, some 15 computers of various varieties, printers galore, scanners, monitors and all sorts of computerized switching power supplies that emit RFI hash and birdies from DC to Light!  Every radio and every ham receiver tried in these conditions always produces received birdies on the various bands that I listen to and some with +20db over S-9 signal levels!  Alas, I thought I was doomed to listening to birdies and hash until I tried my first R390A in my office.  After I hooked it up, I thought that something was wrong with the antenna system because there was no normal hash and background stuff that permeates this environment.  Then I tuned around until I was picking up some weak signals all with no interference at all.  In fact, I tried this receiver on all of the ham-bands as well as the international short-wave bands and it was devoid of any interference whatsoever.  Wow!  Valhalla, at last . . . even trying to pickup a favorite AM radio station in Dallas on 820KC, which always has interference on its signal, gave me a totally clear signal with no background hash or side spurs!!  So folks, if you are a boat-anchor person and/or really love HF listening, then you MUST obtain one of these beauties.  In the some 65,000 receivers built by some 12 different manufacturers, Collins only built about 10,000 of them.  According to the records Amelco built 5 of them and in the past we had s/n 2000 (first one built we think), and this one carries a s/n tag of 2007, so we think that they at least built 8 of them which makes the Amelco's quite rare.

My first R390A/URR is a Collins Radio built model (fairly rare as they did not build but about 6500 of them out of some 65,000 that were built).   an Amelco manufactured unit, which is quite rare.  This receiver was checked out when received from an Estate and is working very well.  We will supply this receiver with a copy of our R-390A CD ROM Publication which has all of the technical manuals and operating instructions on it.  You will need an external speaker to use with this beauty and a nice longwire antenna outside will bring in stations you just won't believe. 

As this receiver is about 75# in weight, it will take $ 120 to pack and ship in the USA and about $ 400 or so to export pack and ship outside the USA.  All export customs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Although completely restored to brand new condition R-390A receivers have sold from $ 2800 to $ 5000, we will take $ 1250.00 for this estate receiver in excellent physical and working condition. 




Cabinet is the original cabinet designed for this Scott beauty.  The Allwave 15 consists of three parts.  The Radio chassis (seen below when the console top is lifted on its piano hinges to show off the chrome) is all chromed in very good original condition including all of the original chromed tube shields.  The chassis mounted on the top shelf of the console.  Just below this shelf is another shelf with the matching chromed power supply in very good condition, and next to it is the original Autotrope speaker system.  All components of this ensemble are all original.  The dial escutcheons are all original including the original wood knobs.  Also the grille cloth is in excellent condition and is the original weave that was shipped with the radio console.  We have restored the radio by restoring the power supply, adding new capacitors and tubes, and added new tubes to the radio chassis.  The speaker is in pristine mint original condition.  After restoration, the radio was aligned and is sounding like a new radio. 

Because of the way the cabinet and radio ensemble are built, shipping the radio will be done in 4 parts.  The chassis ships by itself and the radio chassis, power supply and speaker are all individually packed and shipped at the same time.  Due to the size of the cabinet (floor console), we are estimating freight and packing in the USA to run approximately $ 400.00. We will work with the purchaser to get the radio packed securely for transport at the lowest price.  This, of course, would include full insurance on the shipment.This is one exquisite condition EH Scott classic radio.  The E.H. Scott Allwave-15 is in equisite condition.  The Victorian Italian Style cabinet is in actual originnal condition!

Italian Renaissance Cabinet in perfect condition

Original wood knobs and escutcheons

Original Chrome chassis with everything Chromed in excellent condition

View with the piano hinged top lifted to show all the chrome

Chromed power supply in excellent condition on bottom shelf with original Autotrope Speaker System

This is a rare chance to purchase one of the world's most collectable quality radios in fully collectors quality condition and electrically restored.  Full warranty is provided.  See pictures below:

 $ 3,100


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Zenith H500 Trans-Oceanic Radio

This is the 1950's model H500.  It came from an estate and has been electrically restored.  The radio is working and is in good condition.  It has a bit of dust on it, but everything is where it should be and will provide a lot of entertainment in listening to AM and Shortwave broadcasts.  It is in good to average physical conndition, as the case has a few "dings" on its black cloth covering, but there is nothing that  is usually not on an almost 60 year old vacuum tube radio.

It is working perfectly on all shortwave bands, as well as its AM broadcast band. As you can see in the picture, it has the normal black case, the original knobs, all of the pushbuttons including the radio-organ sound (red) buttons, the original handle and latch and of course, the original wavemagnet.  It is offered with our REA warranty.  The shortwave antenna rod is working fine and has the proper tip on the end of the rod.  Packing, shipping & insurance in the USA is $ 40.00.

$ 315.00


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Zenith Long-Distance Radio, 6G001 Series

This is the "companion" unit to the tube Transoceanic radios made famous by Zenith.  This radio is truly a long-distance AM radio and has the famous "hidden" reveal for station numbers when the radio is  turned on.  This is an excellent long-distance vintage radio in exquisite condition.  We offer  this radio with our warranty.  The case is in fine condition, and the brass has been polished as well. This radio will pack and ship for $ 30.00 in the continental USA.  This is an excellent and very sensitive radio.  In our steel roofed building where reception is poor, we picked up 35 stations!

 $ 249.00


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Zenith R600 Trans-Oceanic Radio

This is the model R-600 Zenith TransOceanic radio.  It is one of the later 600 series tube models that offered expanded coverage of the shortwave bands.  This is an AM radio plus the shortwave bands.  It came from an estate where it was extremely well taken care of as you can see by its physical condition.  It has been electrically restored and sounds just great!  Of course, it has the famous Zenith "radio-organ" audio pushbuttons.  It has an impecciblely clear front dial assembly, new looking original knobs, it has the lid instruction/log book that drops down and of course, has the built in Zenith wavemagnet antenna as well as the pop-up shortwave rod antenna (not extended).  It comes with our warranty and would make an excellent addition to any Zenith radio collection.  Even the brass latch and snap are shiny and bright.

It is offered with our warranty and will pack and ship for $ 40.00 in the CONUS (continental USA). 

 $ 499.00


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This is an early 1950's Nordemende "Bremen" German radio in a wood cabinet.  It is in its original physical condition but we have electronically restored the radio and it sounds teriffic.  As is the design of these German radios, it has AM, FM and Shortwave bands.  It has a large green tuning eye and the wood has a very nice marbelized wood look and patina.  It has the original glass dial and original piano key pushbuttons and knobs   Nordemende radios are not nearly as prevalent in the USA as some other makes like Telefunken and Grundig and this is the only Nordemende from the early 50's that we have ever seen and it is in wonderful vintage condition.  As earlier described, it has been electronically restored and sounds wonderful.  New radio warranty and large table radio shipping. Check our home page for our new radio shipping policy.

 $ 495

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1934 Zenith Model 712 Radio

This is a wonderful 1934 Zenith 712 table radio in an exquisite original cabinet.  It has elaborate scroll work on the front, beautiful inlaid wood trim, marbelized/burlwood front panel wood, original bezels and dials for volume and tuning and a pair of original knobs for this radio.  It has been electrically restored and is working very well, strong and clear reception.  The grille cloth is original as it was found and has been restretched so it is not "saggy" if this is a proper word for cloth that is not stretched tight.  This is one of the rarer early Zenith models and should make a great addition to a quality collection or just to enjoy.  New Radio Warranty. Medium shipping rate.  Check our home page for our new radio shipping policy.

 $ 795

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This is an excellent well preserved and fully restored German AM-FM tube radio.  The case is bakelite and is in excellent as new condition.  This is a very small table radio as these German radios go but has a big sound and was built for the American FM band from 88-108MHz.  This radio is about 1/2 the size of most of the larger German table radios.  It has been electronically restored and the bakelite case is in excellent original condition.  We offer our new radio warranty with it and will ship using the medium shipping rate.  As is the case with most of the post WWII German radios, it uses the superior high fidelity tubes made by such giants of the tube industry, such as Mullard, Telefunken, Seimens, Amperex and others.

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PHILCO 41-250

This is a fabulous WWII Philco radio in very nice restored condition.  The design is quite art-deco in style.  It has been fully restored electronically but not physically.  Unless the wood cabinets are in terrible shape, we let a 60 year old radio look like it has had some use over the years.  It has the original pushbuttons and has the proper knobs.  The front dial bezel is very bright and in nice condition. The push button tuning is working well.  It sounds just great and is very sensitive on AM and is working on the  shortwave bands as well.  Curl up with this great old table radio this summer . . . maybe you can tune in an overseas WWII broadcast!  This radio will be shipped with our radio warranty which is the same as the radio came with when it left the factory 65 years ago. New radio warranty. Medium shipping rate.  Check our home page for our new radio shipping policy.




Zenith 6D015 Restored Consoletone Table Radio

This is one of the harder to find Zenith Long-Distance Radios.  This particular style has long been in hot demand as most are in the hands of collectors that won't sell them.  It is beautiful ivory table top radio with a striking symmetry of design.  The left part of the case has a curved speaker grille while the right hand part is the station tuning dial.  This radio is all original with the original Zenith knob.  This is a completely restored radio with new capacitors and is working extremely well.  We have tested this radio in our building with a steel roof  and it is a very hot receiver, picking up over 26 local and long-distance stations from inside our location. Ok Zenith collectors, add this one to your stash!   Warranty - Small shipping rate.  Check our home page for our new radio shipping policy.





Musikthrue-Salzberg II

This is a wonderful floor standing stereo console.  It has sliding doors revealing the electronic controls on one side, and a pull out record changer and record storage on the other side.  The console has removable legs so the elevation (height) of the stereo can be "normal" or lowered without legs like a low-boy console.  The system is in great condition but needs some radio repair.  The phono is working well.  The radio is AM-FM and multiple shortwave bands.  This console is all original and is offered for a very reasonable price.  Physically, it needs cleaning and a good dose of lemon oil and wood preservative should bring it back to its blonde colored beauty that was the hallmark of Telefunken imports. The buyer is responsible for packing & shipping unless it is picked up locallyfrom our store in Dallas, Texas.  You pick up or arrange shipping.

 $ 250

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Bulova 270, 1957, 6 transistor very hard to find transistor radio.  Encapsulated in a brown leather case, this distinctive radio looks good and is good working condition.  Overall in good condition and will make a good addition to a transistor radio collection. Uses 4-AA batteries, batteries not included. Miniature shipping rate.  See Previous Page for the ordering link  Check our home page for our new radio shipping policy.









Tonfunk 1950's Restored Radio

If you haven't heard one of these European 1950's high fidelity radios, then you have missed a great deal of listening pleasure.  The Tonfunk is a line of radios very prevalent in the European market but rarely seen in the USA.  As a matter of fact, this is the first one we have every seen much less be able to purchase.  It has been electronically resstored and sounds fabulous on all bands.  Like most European 1950's Radios, it has full treble and bass controls and switches beteen orchestra full fidelity sound to solo for news broadcasts or talk shows.  It tunes AM, the American FM band, and shortwave from 6.5 to 18MHz and covers most of the worlds shortwave broadcast bands.  The cabinet is walnut colored and in very nice condition.  Besides the woofer and midrange speaker in the front of the cabinet, it has dual tweeters firing out each side of the cabinet.  The front has a white plaskon look to it, but we think it is an all white bezel that has aged and matured to a mellow ivory color.  It sounds terrific and if you like the 50's German radios, this is one you need to get. Warranty. Medium shipping rate. Check our home page for our new radio shipping policy.

 $ 350

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This is a Grundig Model 997US bakelite table model German radio in very nice original condition.  The cabinet is made of brown bakelite and the radio has all original pushtuttons, keyboard keys and knobs.  The overall look is excellent for a 50+ year old radio.  It receives AM-FM and Shortwave stations and has a new Green tuning eye.  It has been electronically restored and carries a new radio warranty (90 days parts and labor).  There are no problems with the bakelite and no cracks in the cabinet.  This is as nice a bakelite radio that you will find.  Warranty, Medium table radio shipping rate.  Check our home page for our new radio shipping policy.









The Philco 38-620 is an art-deco styled AM and Shortwave table radio built in 1938 before WWII.  It is in very superior physical condition and we have electronically restored this classic radio.  In other words, it is very sensitive and working perfectly both for AM and the shortwave bands.  These old curved wood radios usually have lamination problems on the curves but this one is as smooth as a baby's cheek!  This classic art-deco styled radio sounds great and is original in all respects.  We offer it with a new radio warranty and it is a medium size table radio for figuring shipment cost. Check our home page for our new radio shipping policy.

 $ 395

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