Below is a listing of tubes for sale - all orders subject to prior sale and available quantities.  For those tubes listed without price stating "Call", this generally means call or click "contact us" to ask us if we have some.  We may have to search to find some for you.  If you need tubes that are not listed, click "CONTACT US" and let us know what you are looking for.  This list is far from complete, but we have finally decided to sort through the several million tubes that we have accumulated and to list them as available.  Keep looking as we will add more as time permits.  Please note that tubes are NOT RETURNABLE for all the obvious reasons. With the exception of some transmitting tubes and high power audio tubes being made by Russian, Korean or Japanese manufacturers, no radio tubes have been made (generally speaking) since the early 1970's, so it has been perhaps 40 years now since most domestic production was shut down.  All tubes that we have are generally from old radio/tv dealers stock, military surplus stocks or from tube collector estates.  Our tubes have been purchased in large lots, where some are in boxes and others without boxes, some pulls, some NOS, and because of the diverse nature of where they originated from, we will only warrant that the filaments are good and bad filament tubes ARE returnable. Quantities of individual types are limited and subject to availability or prior sale.  IF WHAT YOU ARE ORDERING IS A RARE TUBE, OR GENERALLY NOT A 6 VOLT OR 12 VOLT tube, it is best to inquire as to whether it is in stock before ordering(See Specialty Tube / Western Electric section below).  Check back often as we are adding more tubes as time permits.  If we are out of the (G) or (GT) designation of the types that are listed, we will fill the order with metal tubes (better shielded) if available for each specific type. When ordering, if you are using a credit card, go ahead and assume we have what you need and if we do not, we will so advise and NOT charge your card.  If you want to pay with PAYPAL, ask first if we have it so if we don't have it, we don't have to refund your paypal payment.   Please note that we DO NOT SELL NEW CHINESE, TAIWANESE, KOREAN OR RUSSIAN tubes.  Where tubes are old stock USA tubes, some are marked (USA) on the listings.  Where some are used tubes they are so marked as (U) meaning used but good.  European tubes generally bring much higher prices especially in audio tubes and many of these will have the European designation on them, such as 6BQ5/EL84 and some types are marked (Euro).  We only sell the real McCoy, good old USA or European manufactured tubes.  It takes at least 10 days to pull, test and pack tubes from this large mountain of tubes so please be patient on shipments.  Just a few rules to remember:

  • All tubes subject to prior sale or availability.
  • We sell tubes by tube type and number, not by brand name.
  • All Orders have a minimum order charge of $ 10.00 exclusive of packing/shipping and a processing charge per order of $ 3.00.
  • If you don't have a tube tester, you can send yours in for testing.  We charge 1.00 each for testing,
  • On USA Orders, the first tube has a $ 5 freight charge, each tube thereafter add $ 1.00 per tube for shipping.  Large size tubes like transmitting tubes will be higher primarily due to size and weight.
  • On Export Orders, place your order and we will calculate the least expensive way to ship and advise you by email the freight charge by either postal or air mail or air freight shipment.

Remember, if paying by paypal, it is best to ask if we have it so we do not have to send back your Paypal funds less their processing fees that were paid in the first place.

We have just added a section for Western Electric and other Specialty tubes in the near term. Click here for specialty, transmitting, European and Western Electric tubes

The following hyperlinks will get you to the vast tube repository with tube part numbers and prices per tube


01A - OZ4

1A1 - 1Z2

2A - 2Z

3A2 - 3V4

4D21 - 4X150

5AR4 - 5Z4

6A3 - 6ZY5

7A4 - 11Y9

12A - 12Z5

13CW4 - 90C1

100 - 9006

A - Z series tubes

Using the search window on our primary page and others, you can input the tube you want to purchase it the database will return it with the correct price and a way to purchase it with the shopping cart.